Friday, July 1, 2011

The Cut

I made a deal with Toby that he could get Ryder's little frizzy/curly hair cut before our next family gathering.  I made this deal thinking our next family gathering would be Avrey's birthday in September but turns out we will be gathering (or at least part of us will be gathering) for the 4th.  So Toby called and set up the appointment for Shear Madness so Ryder could have the same first hair cut experience that Paisley did.  My mommy heart was breaking to see his little frizzy/curl go away.  

Before Picture:

The hair cut process was a different experience than with Paisley.  Paisley loved getting her hair cut and Ryder HATED it!  He cried, he moved a LOT and he keep smacking at her hands (not so good because of the sharp scissors).  I get it now; Paisley's hair was longer and only needed the ends trimmed (not that scary) but he need it all cut so she had to keep gathering his hair in little sections to cut it and judging by how red his little head was I am sure it didn't feel that good.  Poor Moose!       

After Picture:  With his hair spiked.  His new hair cut makes him look older.  It also makes his head look a little bigger and now the color looks more blond than orange/red.

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