Monday, July 25, 2011

Rewind - Branson (April)

Our trip to Branson

The kids did great in the car!  They slept for the first half of the trip then we stopped half way for a bathroom break and to stretch our legs so they were able to make the second half of the trip with ease.  After we checked in to our hotel we wanted to get out and let the kids run so went walked the outlet shopping area.  Fun for EVERYONE!!

Day two of our trip we visited the Hollywood Wax Museum.  Paisley was a little unsure at first but then she opened up and had fun. 

Then we went next door to the Mirror Maze.  This did not go over very well with Paisley.  At some point Paisley and I got separated from Toby and Ryder and she flipped out big time!  Not only did she cry until we found Toby and the exit but she was so freaked out that I had to carry her until we were outside.  So not fun!

After the Mirror Maze we went to the downtown shopping strip.  It was so sad to see all of the flooding.  The different stores and restaurants that were closed and the houses that had water up to the roof.  It made my heart break for the families and what they had lost. 

Day three of our trip was low key. We had lunch on the strip were the kids were full of smiles for the camera, then we had an old time family picture taken and ended our night with dinner in the room and a little pool time.

It has been tree months sense our little mini family vacation to Branson and Paisley still talks about it.   This just goes to show that you don't have to go to Hawaii or Disney to make fun family memories.  

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Val R said...

I am in love with that old time black and white photo.