Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer Field Trip: Discovery Center

The kids and I visited the new Kansas Children's Discovery Center that opened on June 1st here in town.  We couldn't wait to see what fun things this place had to offer.  If this place passed the "Fun Test" then I wanted to get a family pass so we could come back as often as possible.  They had lots of fun stuff that each of my kiddos enjoyed!   

This place is still pretty new in town so it is always crowded.  They even ask that you leave your stroller in the car.  This made our visit a little hard because I couldn't contain little man when Paisley was playing in the big kids area.  I think our next trip back will be a one-on-one playdate so each kid can enjoy it more.  

Summer Field Trip: Kansas Museum of History

So, I am sure that the Kansas Museum of History is the one of those classroom field trips that all kids in the Topeka school district goes on but I had never been inside of the actual museum part.  We have played at the little play area inside and out but never have we taken a tour.  Paisley and I enjoyed ourselves and Ryder did at times (as for the times Ryder didn't enjoy himself, I don't think anyone close to us did either).  

Summer Field Trip: The Library

We completed the Summerfest reading program with the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library! 

The goal was to read for 16 hours from May 31st to July 29th.  We read all the time so this was super easy for us and Paisley thought it was so much fun that she was able to get prizes for something she already does and loves!      

A few of the prizes that the kids have earned: free books, Mc Donald’s ice cream, CiCi’s Pizza kid’s buffet, Cold Stone Creamery ice cream, Gage Bowl, Chick-fil-a ice cream, Applebee’s kid’s meal, Straight Water shaved ice, Hazel Hill Chocolate, and we are entered the grand prize drawings of either a Nook e-reader or a family pass to Kansas Children’s Discovery Center (we didn't win either but we still had fun).

Paisley's favorite books of the Summer:
Friends Go Adventuring by Helme Heine
Bear Feels Sick by Karma Wilson
The Great Doughnut Parade by Rebecca Bond
Hush Little Dragon by Boni Ashburn

Ryder's favorite books of the Summer:
Whose Toes are Those by Jabari Asim
Mr. Brown Can Moo Can you? by Dr. Seuss

One of the best things about our library is the cute section they have for kids.  Needless to say we spent a LOT of time there this summer enjoying the playthings, books, storytimes and other fun events the library hosted!

For The Mommy File:  A fun twist on storytime (that even Ryder likes) is B&N Online Storytime.  LOVE this!!!  I don't know when they started this but it has added another option to our bed time book routine.  

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Seussical Shower

If you haven't heard the news.....I'm going to be an Aunt again!

I am so excited to welcome my very first nephew!  That's right, my baby brother and his fiance are adding a little boy the mix and to celebrate we threw Kristen a Dr. Seuss themed baby shower (it felt like a good fit with her just getting a teaching degree and all).

The star of the shower (next to the Mommy-to-Be of course) was the cake Toby made. He is getting REALLY good at this cake stuff!

The Decor:  This shower was so much fun to plan.  I mean, how can you go wrong with Dr. Seuss?  The colors, the books, the art work and the funny sayings!  (I had so much fun that I think I want to add Dr. Seuss stuff to the kid's playroom!) 

Congrats Josh and Kristen; I can't wait to meet this little guy!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh Yes I Did!

Last night I finished a house project.  It took three trips to three DIFFERENT Dollar Tree's but I am finally done. 

Our house now looks super ghetto but all of the bad corners that Ryder has hit are now padded with swim noodles.  At this point I am ok with our house looking bad if it helps my little Moose's head look better.  And I put another gate at the bottom of the stairs to help Ryder understand that NO part of the steps are for playing. (The gate make it a little hard to get back to the playroom, bathroom and craft/laundry room but maybe this will cut down on accidents)     

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer Trip: Omaha

One of the many perks of my new job (as a stay at home mom) is the freedom to travel with Toby (when our schedule allows).  In July Toby had to travel to Omaha for work and Paisley was in-between swim lessons so we went with him. 

We left Wednesday afternoon around nap time to make travel a little easier on everyone.  We got to our hotel room right around dinner time so we unloaded the car and let the kids run around/explore the room while we searched for a place to eat dinner that would let the kids burn off energy.  We found this place called The Pizza Machine.  This place was like Chuck E Cheese on crack.  It was CRAZY!!  I don't know who had more fun the kids or us. 
On Thursday while Toby was away at his work meeting the kids and I entertained ourselves at the hotel by making forts in-between the beds  
and in the armoire.
We also explored outside little but it was hot and not that much fun.  So we ended up at the pool four different times!

After Toby was done with his meeting we went to the mall for dinner, shopping and a little play time.  

On our way home on Friday we stopped at the Omaha Zoo.  We had fun but it would have been a little more enjoyable had the weather been a lot less HOT!   

After the zoo we are were hot, hungry and tired.  So we got lunch to go and settled in for a napped (at least the kids and I did) and about half way home we had to take a detour due to the flooding.  It was so sad to see what these people had lost.  And due to the unexpected detour the last 20 minutes of our drive was pure HELL (Ryder screamed and Paisley cried/yelled at him for waking her up - oh, the joys of traveling with kids)!