Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It Happened To Us

Ryder fell down the basement stairs!  BREATH.  He is OK!!!  BREATH.  We are very lucky that he wasn't seriously injured!  BREATH.  But I still can hear the thuds.  Yes you read that correctly, THUDS.  Meaning multiple times he hit the hard wooden stairs.  Then came the crying.  Seeing him at the bottom of the stairs, laying on the tile, SCREAMING!  BREATH.  Just typing this I can't stop crying or shaking! BREATH. But he is OK and that is what I am holding on to!!  

What happened:
Paisley was down stairs playing/unwinding from school.  Ryder and I had just came upstairs so I could make him a cup of milk and lay him down for his afternoon nap.  While I was getting the cup of milk ready (all of about 30 seconds) he was playing in the living room (or so I thought).  I heard a noise at the LOCKED baby gate at the top of the stairs.  I didn't go look because I thought it was Paisley coming up for a snack and that is when I heard the thuds. I yelled Paisley's name as I ran to the top of the stairs (thinking that she fell) and that is when I saw Ryder's little body laying at the bottom of the stairs on the hard tile floor screaming and crying.  I couldn't breath as I ran down the stairs crying.  I picked him up, checking his little body for something broken as I tried to comfort him.  After talking with Ryder's doctor he said to head to the ER (this was Ryder's third head injury in three days - ***see below for more info on the other ones).  I wasn't sure what would happen so I asked a friend to meet us at the ER because Toby was working out of town.  At the ER they looked Ryder over and had to document all of his injures (both old and new).  He has from top to bottom: a bruise/bump on top of his head on the right side, a bruise/bump on the left side by his hair line, the rhino bump in the middle of his head, a bruise/bump on his left eyebrow, a bruise inside his left ear, a bump/bruise behind his left ear, the green bruise under his left eye, bloody nose -right side, split bottom lip, scratches on his left arm, bruises on his left elbow, scratches on his lower back.  With all of his injures nothing looked broken and they said an x-ray was not needed but they wanted a CT of his head to be safe.  Me and two other people had to hold Ryder still so they could do the CT.  He screamed and cried the whole time.  He even made one of the ladies start crying (she told me afterwords that she has a little guy the same age as Ryder and Ryder's little pleading eyes reminded her of her son and it was hard to see but that she was sorry she cried).  The CT came back normal; no fractured skull or brain bleeds.  Good news!  They discharged us with instructions to wake him every few hours, no new head trauma for the next 24 hours and what to look for to bring him back.  It has been over 24 hours and he is still doing good.  We had a clam day at the house today and he had NONE of the warning signs!

Looking back:
I see what happened.  1) When Ryder and I came upstairs and I locked the gate behind me the gate didn't really lock.  The click I heard was just the metal on metal but it didn't catch the lock.  I didn't realize this at the time but I was able to recreate my error.  2) When Ryder ran into the living room to play he made the lap.  The lap my kids and dogs like to make is from the living room to the hallway to the bathroom to the kitchen and back to the living room.  They don't get to run the lap much because we keep both doors to the bathroom closed.  I thought they were closed but both doors were open.  Now: I check the lock on the gate before I walk away to make sure it latched correctly as well as walk around to make sure both bathroom doors are shut before I even put Ryder on the ground.  And I can't thank Barb enough for helping me with the kids at the ER.  Not really a fun time but it was so nice to have the help and support.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

***Other head injures:
Sunday - Ryder fell in the bath tub and hit his eye on the side of the tub.  He has a NASTY black eye (that is now green).  Monday - We were playing Monster Mommy, were I chase the kids like a monster and they run screaming from me and when I catch them I tickle them like crazy.  Fun game and they LOVE playing it!  Well, Ryder turned to run and lost his balance and fell face first into the corner of the wall.  Tuesday - see above horror story. I was not prepared for the craziness that comes with raising a BOY!!

Now for the pictures of Ryder that make him look like he is a member of Baby Fight Club. 
This is from his fall on Monday.  Also known as the 'Baby Rhino' picture.  And you can kind of see the green under his left eye.

A different shot of the 'Rhino Bump'.

His 'Rhino' bump and the green eye. 

At the ER.  You can kind of see the red bump on the left side by his hair line, the red bump on his left eyebrow, the red bruise on the inside of his left ear, a little bit of dry blood on the right side of his nose, a cut in the middle of his bottom lip and the pink scratch on his left shoulder. 

You can see the bruises a little more when his hair is wet.



Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh, Sarah!! I am so glad he's okay! Yikes - how scary!! Poor little guy. I think it does give him some T-Town street cred, though. ;)

Katina said...

That is one wicked bump! Glad that he is okay. I would have freaked out too. Jonas fell down a short set of stairs when he was a little guy and Joe and I both had the trauma of watching it happen, he was okay. Dexter has fallen down the stairs twice, while I was carrying him.
Don't beat yourself up. Like we say in our house "it happens" and shake it off :)

Clare said...

How did I miss this post?!?!

I saw the rino bruise before, but the stairs how scary! It is a mistake anyone could make, he is okay, don't be hard on yourself!

I think the padded corners is the wrong aproach, you need to pad the baby! :)