Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kindergarten Here We Come

Last night we prepared for this morning by reading a book about what Paisley's day might look like.  This book is so darn cute!

This morning we started our day off right with a breakfast of champs!
(Waffles, scrambled eggs, bacon and OJ)  

Then Paisley helped me decide what to make for her lunch.
(PB&J, string cheese, strawberries, crackers, berry/carrot juice and a piece of chocolate) 

Then she got dressed in her new fancy outfit that she picked out and bought all by herself (thank you Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Guy), posed for a few pictures and we were off to school! 

She was so excited to get to her class room and get the school day started.  We didn't have any tears (not from her or me - good job us)!  

On the drive home she talked about her teacher and how she wishes he would ask some hard questions tomorrow because today was too much like preschool.  And about her new friends and getting to play on the playground and lunch time. 

Paisley's first day of kindergarten = success!  Bring on the rest of the year. 


starnes family said...

She is too precious for words. Well done with no tears!

Stephanie said...

Seriously, how stinking cute is that outfit?! And yes, she's definitely ready to head straight to first grade...maybe second. :)