Monday, August 22, 2011

Oh, the Places You'll Go!

This summer the kids and I took part in our first ever Topeka Treasure Hunt.  This event was something put on by Visit Topeka Inc. as a way to get people out and about in town to see what Topeka has to offer.  The goal is to follow a clue to a location and take a picture and then you would get your next clue.  Some spots offered discounts and others a learning experience.  After we finished the treasure hunt we printed our pictures (for free from Wolf's), put them in a photo album and turned them to be entered in drawings for prises.  We didn't win anything but we had a blast exploring our town! 

Enjoy our Topeka Treasure Hunt!    

Constitution Hall Mural

Bradley's Corner Cafe

Historic Ritchie House

Topeka Harley Davidson and The Yesterdays Museum

Iwig Family Dairy Store

Carousel in the Park

The Hiking Trails at Cedar Crest, Governor's Mansion

WIBW News Station

Kansas Museum of History (play area)

Children's Discovery Center

Kansas State Capitol

Great Overland Station


starnes family said...

I totally regret not visiting Topeka when we were in KC. Never made the time. Looks like fun!

Stephanie said...

How adorable is this!? I bet the kids loved it - I know I would. :)

Clare said...

Wow, that looks like a lot of fun!! How did you do at Iwig?!?! LOL!!