Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Craft Projects

Because I SUCK at keeping this little blog of mine up to date in real time I am going to do one BIG post about all the fun summer craft projects we tackled this summer.  

We played with Moon Sand.  This was a birthday gift Paisley got from Aunt Holly and Uncle Stephen but I made her wait until it got warm so we could play with it outside.  I sand by this decision because it was messy getting the sand out of the water.  If you have not had the pleasure of seeing this stuff go get some.  I think the sand is coated in something because when it hits the water it looks solid but when you scoop it out of the water it turns back into loose sand.  Paisley thought is was magic!   

We also enjoyed Play-Doh outside a few times until it got too hot then we moved the Play-Doh inside to the dinning room.  Each time we played with it Ryder would take a bite and each time he would spit it out.  He new favorite thing to do with the Play-Doh when we are inside is to throw it at the dogs.  When it hits one of them and they jump/run away he laughs like a lunatic. 

We made stepping stones for my now dead garden.  Paisley LOVED it.  
 Ryder wasn't feeling the project so much.  So his stone reflects his personality at this stage: A Hot Mess With More Important Thing To Do! 

I snagged this fun Sand Art kit from The Dollar Tree.  Paisley got three sand projects for the price of one and over an hour of entertainment while little man napped.   

Stained Glass Art - After church one day Paisley was asking questions about the pretty glass in the windows.  So we talked about it and came home to make our own stained glass art.

Sidewalk Chalk Art Gallery

The Card Board Box house project
Thanks to a big box we saved from our grill we had a blank slate for a RAD playhouse.  But before we could start we needed to fuel up and where better than Red Robbin (yum) with a fun and always funny friend, Stephanie (stop by her blog and see what she had to say about this project).  When she agreed to hanging out I don't think she was prepared for 1) How CRAZY my kids are in public - again, sorry about that and 2) For the project I wanted to work on (with her help of course).  I may have had a few adult beverages waiting to sweeten the deal.  After three hours we took this box and turned it into .....
 This RAD playhouse! 
 The kids LOVE it!  It is the best free project ever.  We have already had hours of fun and it is still holding up pretty well. 
Yard Bubble - When Clare sent me this blog I knew I HAD to make this for the kids.  Paisley was such a good helper with the taping part.  If she hadn't helped I think I still might be working on it! Ryder didn't really like being in the bubble as much as I thought he would.  He was much happier looking in the opening but Paisley was in heaven!  She even wanted to sleep in the bubble.
Paper Airplane Fun - Leave it to little Miss Paisley Pie to put her own spin on a timeless classic.  First she made the airplane then she made the passengers and then took turns flying.  I LOVE this girl!


starnes family said...

You are so much fun! Love the bubble idea, but I started suffocating a bit just looking at it. Mild paranoia on my part.

LOVE the playhouse. Seriously cool.

I had the bright idea of bringing Moon Sand on the airplane to Florida. Major fail. It gets everywhere!

Awesome list.......taking notes!

The DeWeese Trio said...

Wowsers Sarah! These are great. Was the bubble terribly hot & sticky? I would think sitting on plastic might be warm? How much were the supplies you think?

Vincent Family said...

C - Thank you so much! I was a little worried at first about not being able to breath but it was really big in the bubble and you could get even bigger plastic stuff to give you more breathing room. And you are a CRAZY lady to bring Moon Sand on an airplane! Just the thought of it is cracking me up. I think I feel a headache for you but what a good/fun momma for giving it a try! :o)

J - The bubble was bad inside. I waited until the temp was out of the 100's and we did it right after breakfast. It wasn't warm sitting on the plastic but it did stick to our feet a bit so you might want socks or a little bit thicker plastic. I got two rolls of 10X20 for $2 each at Wal-Mart and we had the tape & fan. I also added a few heavy toys inside for us to play with & to weigh the bubble down. And if you use something to close the enter/exit whole the bubble gets much taller. Hope this helps!

Vincent Family said...

J - Also, I think Ryder might have been a little to small to understand because he kept trying to lean on the wall and then he would fall.

Stephanie said...

Our play date was so much fun! I feel so fancy that I got included in the awesome craft day - and a shout out here!

Fun friends (and kiddos), frozen drinks, and crafts....ummm, heaven!

You are welcome to come to KC anytime...though I'm not sure the projects the dogs and I will come up with are quite as exciting... :)