Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer Field Trip: Discovery Center

The kids and I visited the new Kansas Children's Discovery Center that opened on June 1st here in town.  We couldn't wait to see what fun things this place had to offer.  If this place passed the "Fun Test" then I wanted to get a family pass so we could come back as often as possible.  They had lots of fun stuff that each of my kiddos enjoyed!   

This place is still pretty new in town so it is always crowded.  They even ask that you leave your stroller in the car.  This made our visit a little hard because I couldn't contain little man when Paisley was playing in the big kids area.  I think our next trip back will be a one-on-one playdate so each kid can enjoy it more.  


starnes family said...

I loved reading about all of your field trips! Awesome way to spend summer.

Kathy said...

That looks so fun and cutee!!