Monday, September 12, 2011

Paisley's Preschool Graduation

Toby was working out of town for Paisley's preschool graduation so my dad offered to come up and surprise her!  It was so sweet when he showed up at our door.  Paisley was so excited to see him.  We visited for a bit while Ryder napped and that meant that Paisley had some one-on-one time with Papa Tim and boy was she in heaven!  After Ryder woke up we had a little time to kill before we had to be at the school so we took dad to the Harley Museum.  My Dad was so cute in there; he was like a kid at a candy store (a very expensive candy store).  As a treat before the graduation we stopped by Sonic for happy hour drinks (that is why Paisley has a blue mouth and blue spots on her shirt).  

 I kicked off the graduation with tears as a part of Oh, The Places You Will Go by Dr. Seuss was read.

While Dad kept Ryder happy (not an easy job)!

The kids sang a few songs (After Paisley asked me "Could you tell I didn't know what I was doing?"  She wasn't going to preschool the month before the graduation so everyone else knew the songs but her).

I cried again when she got her little certificate. 
Paisley with her teacher, Ms. Ronda.  We soooo miss her!!

I am glad that Paisley was in the preschool setting before Kindergarten  started.  I think it helped her adjust.    

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