Friday, September 30, 2011

Problem Solved

The problem: Ryder losing his toys into the great unknown under the couch.  I use the term "losing" loosely because I'm not sure that you can call it that when he is the one that rolls the toy under the couch.  After the toy is under the couch Ryder will army crawl over to the point of entrance, lay on his belly with his little arm stretched as far under the couch as it can go, trying to reach the toy.  When he can not reach the toy he starts crying because he knows it under there but can't get it.  After about 3 hours of this (in one morning) I decided it was time to FIX this problem!

Solution: At nap time I took a few of our extra swim noodles outside and gave them a coat of black paint.  

Then I went down and moved the couch to rescue all the lost toys and clean all that nastiness that was under there.   

Then I put the couch back where it goes.  I then put the swim noodles down and marked where the legs were and cut out room for the legs so the noodle would lay flush with the bottom of the couch.  

And there you have it, problem solved! We now have a can't see me wall under the couch that keeps the toys safe and Ryder happy!

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Katina said...

You're so clever! I wanna be just like you if I grow up :)