Monday, September 12, 2011

Dollar Tree Crafts

Here are a few Dollar Tree craft projects that Paisley and I have completed over the last few months. 
Our Family on the Fridge: A while back I picked up a few 8x10 magnetic sheets from Dollar Tree thinking we could do something fun with them and we finaly did. Paisley help me pick out pictures of everyone in our family.  
Then we cut out everyone and stuck them to the magnetic sheet like a puzzle.  
Then we cut them again and put them on the frig.  I think we might need to make a few people a little bit bigger but so far both kids really like looking at everyone and playing games with them.  Paisley will ask Ryder where someone is and help him find them and Ryder will grab someone off and put them in the back of his dump-truck and drive them around or he will look at them and say "Hi-Ya" and give them a kiss!    

Saucy Sums (Math Center) from The Mail Box Aug/Sept 2011: We started by cutting the pizza crust, sauce and cheese out of scrapbook paper and a small circle for the pizza pan.  I had the scrapbook paper but I had to get the pizza pan from The Dollar Tree.  
Then Paisley glued the crust, sauce and cheese together and the small circle to the pizza pan.  Then I added the math problems to each slice of pizza and an answer to the small circle to the pan.

Now Paisley has a pizza math puzzle.  If the slices of pizza equal 10 then she puts them on the pan and if they don't then she sets them aside.  She really likes this game and I think that I will change out the answer/problems every few weeks so she doesn't get board. 

Reading Pointer: Not sure if you know this or not but by the end of this year Paisley is expected to be reading.  So we have been working at home with sight words and following the words in our books at bedtime.  To help we made a reading pointer out of a pom-pom and craft stick (both from The Dollar Tree). 
Paisley has even starting using it on her own with her Hello Kitty books on tape. 

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Stephanie said...

So much crafting goodness! I love it!