Thursday, September 15, 2011

Worlds of Fun

We finally took the kids to Worlds of Fun!  We figured before we visit an others we better test the waters at a park just down the road (about hour - does that still count as being 'just down the road'?).  Camp Snoopy was a big hit with both kids.  They had a lot of stuff Paisley could do with and without us. 

Paisley on the kid roller-coaster. 

The highlight of Ryder's night!

Ryder was not a big fan of waiting in line.  There was a LOT of up and down and picking him off the ground after a meltdown (good times).     

And when we finally got on the ride he didn't like waiting on the worker person checking all the locks.  By the time the ride was ready to start he was screaming because he was ready to get off.  I was asked multiple times if we wanted to get off....but we didn't!  I politely said "That's ok but thanks for asking.  He is just ready for the ride to start."  (But in my mind I was saying "Just start this damn ride already! We have spend enough time waiting!") 

Paisley's new favorite thing to do with Toby, ride race cars!  She has so much fun racing around the track.  Her need for speed didn't stop with the race cars.  She even went on the Spinning Dragons roller-coaster ride twice (she is such a thrill seeker).   

The last picture of the night and it was at 10:00pm on our way out of the park.  It was past both of their bedtimes but they were having so much fun they didn't even have a melt down and they were asleep before we got out of the parking lot. 

One of the benefits of our trip to Worlds of Fun....character drawlings of the kids.  So now my wall of family pictures is complete!
Ryder started to cry because he didn't want to sit for the guy anymore so I think that is why his eyes look so sad.
And Paisley had just gotten off the roller-coaster for the first time and had a smile on her face from ear to ear!


Anonymous said...

Love it! This post that is...great job Sis! Tell the kids Nana can't wait to see them again.

starnes family said...

I loved Worlds of Fun. Such a great pretty with all the trees. Miss that about KC!

Stephanie said...

You've been a posting fool! I love it!!