Wednesday, October 26, 2011

First Quarter

We (and by We I mean Paisley) are done with the first quarter of school.  We had our first Parent Teacher Conference that went very well.  We were told that Paisley is doing very good in school.  She is getting along with the kids and even help mediate a few arguments.  She (and one other little boy) have tested in the top level in their class in all subjects.  Her teacher even gave us a few pointers on how we can keep challenging her at home.  Also, in our first quarter of school we were late twice (morning are not fun around here) and forgot homework once.  Over all we are walking away feeling pretty good about the first quarter of school and ready to make the next one just as fun. 

For my Mommy file:
-Paisley is still sitting with all boys in her desk grouping (I was told that this is helping cut down on some of the extra talking she was doing).
-She loves writing stories using her site words.
-Paisley is reading more on her own.  She has even started reading to Ryder at bed time.
-Everything is a test now (She comes home from school and will test us on the new things she learned that day).
-She isn't very concerned on what she is wearing (Matching isn't always the goal but more comfort and if she will be able to keep up with everyone at recess).
-Everything is black and white with her (If you do wrong, you are bad but if you say sorry then all is well again).

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Confessions

I have a love/hate relationship with October. 

I love that October brings the cool, crisp air of Fall.  I love that I get to rock hoodies and jeans daily.  I love that I get to celebrate my wedding anniversary.  I love that I get to decorate my house for Fall/Halloween.  I love raking a huge pile of leaves and jumping in it with the kids.  I love going to go the pumpkin patch and drinking warm apple cider. 

What I hate about October...scary movies! 
WHY do they (the TV people) have to play them on most of the channels? 
Why do they show previews for them all day long? 
Don't they know that I am a wimp when it comes to scary stuff?! 

For someone that scares easily I have seen a lot of scary movies so when I see or hear a preview for one it brings the images from that movie to mind and I have to watch lots of Disney shows/movies to counter the scary.

The only thing helping me through his year is my DVR because all of my favorite shows are recorded so I can fast forward past all commercials and miss most of the scary stuff.     

Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Our weekend was a long four day weekend thanks to Parent Teacher Conference's on Thursday and Friday (more on that later).  We spent our extra time together at the house being lazy and resting before our crazy weekend started. 

On Saturday Toby cashed in on some guy time, aka golfing.  Now everyone can rest easy knowing that he does get his time away also.  And while Toby was enjoy kids free time with the guys, we went to a wedding in Emma, MO.  The bride (Brianne) and her family are like extended family of ours.  Back in the day, I was able to test my babysitting skills out on her and her baby brother (talk about making a girl feel old).  Weddings are so much fun.  I love seeing the excitement before the ceremony and the love from everyone for the happy couple during the ceremony and at the reception.
Congrats Brianne and Eric!!  

After chasing Ryder all over the place at the reception (thanks Hollie and Johnny for keeping an eye on Paisley) we headed home.  I timed it so we were on the road around bed time thinking the kids would sleep.  Boy was I WRONG!!!  After about 45 minutes of nonstop crying (from Ryder) and yelling (from Paisley) we decided to make a pit stop at my mom's house.  The kids loved getting out and playing but then the extra energy started to wear off so we headed home again.  This time it was only about 15 minutes of crying before they both feel asleep.      

Then on Sunday after Church it was Crafter-noon with Amber.   Paisley was so excited to hang out with Amber and make crafts.  Amber and I had been planning this afternoon for weeks.  We had a list of different project that we wanted to get done and all the supplies.  I would like to tell you that we moved right along and finished everything but that would be a big FAT lie!  We didn't even get half of what we wanted to accomplish done.  We made magnets following these steps but I forgot to take pictures and we decorated pumpkins.  Lots of them! 
 Ryder's first pumpkin painting experience. 
 He liked painting with the brush much better than painting with his hands.
 All of our pretty pumpkins!
 A few of the ones that stayed at our house. 
(Paisley made the one on the left and middle and Ryder made the one on the right)   
 And a few more by the front door.   
Our Crafter-noon was so much fun we might do it again next month.

But that's not all, our weekend wouldn't be complete without a trip to the ER.  This time it was for Toby not Ryder (he has another kidney stone).  He gets them about once a year and this time was the worse I have seen.  He kept getting sick because of the pain.  Poor Toby!  Everyone was worried about him but we couldn't do anything to help.  Paisley kept asking if he was going to be ok and if she could help.  So was super scared for him and didn't know what to do.  

So, that's how we spent our weekend.  Hope you enjoyed yours!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Girl's Only

My "Girl's Weekend" was just want I needed.  A healthy dose of some good old fashion fun!  In three days we consumed LOTS of soda and food (and a few adult drinks), put a hurting on our poor feet and pocket books, shared tons of stories and laughed until our tears ran down our legs (funny saying found here).  Yes, the laughter might have cased a little bit of dribble, some snorting and maybe a little tooting which fueled the fire of laughter even more!  There was so much laughing one night that we were compared to 6 year old girls (but we think it was more like 12 year olds).  Keeping with the 12 year old girl mentality we also suffered from loud outburst of giggles whenever someone would say something remotely dirty.  Not our finest hour but it was super fun!!

We started off our Saturday morning with a stop at Mac-adoodles. I was instantly loving it because it is IRISH (and it was the last place to get alcohol before we crossed over into Bella Vista, AR).     
 Our group of gals (picture taken by a very nice Mac-adoodles employee)
 Me and Donna (my second mom).

Then it was on to Bentonville, AR for our first craft fair. 
I walked away with a cute white watch and two shirts.   
 Then we had the biggest lunch ever at The Dixie Cafe.  I was so stuffed I really wanted to head home and nap but sleep was not on the agenda.  

We headed straight to the next craft fair in Springdale, AR.  I only got a bag of sweet nuts (that one was for you Donna) and lots of inspiration.  I am always amazed at how crafty some people are.
Me and Momma Alice (Donna's mom)
 On our way back to Nancy's house we did a little more shopping and as luck would have it the shopping center we stopped at was having a kids consignment sale.  So my kiddo's scored some super cheap/gently used clothes and toys.  Just for the record I won the title for largest purchase.  Paisley's bean bag chair tipped the scale for me and took up the most space.  She will be one happy girl on Christmas morning!
Before leaving Nancy's on Sunday we had to stop for a photo op with the fork in the road.  Well the fork was in the middle of the road until they moved it to this building! 
 Eating salad with the big fork.
 Too bad my big head was covering up the fork.  It just looks like I have a big metal thing sticking out of my head. 

Before heading home we decided to make a little trip to Branson Landing for a little more shopping.
 Que more giggles!
(This was a fun store. They had a little bit of everything.)
 This was definitely a weekend to reminisce, replenish, unwind and laugh into the night.  Surrounded by fun ladies and lots of crafts.  Now I am back to the real world with my batteries recharged!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mrs. Cranky Pants

For the last few days I have been Mrs. Cranky Pants BIG time!

My crankiness might have something to do with the fact that I just can't keep my kids healthy. I'm talking about months of nasty diapers (Ryder, not Paisley), lots of drainage and coughing (both) and early morning vomit you can set your watch to (Ryder, because of the drainage/coughing).  We took both kids to the doctor last week: Paisley had an ear infection and was given meds.  The doctor said everything look fine for Ryder and to just watch him.  

Or it might have something to do with the fact Ryder still isn't sleeping all night.  The sleep might be a combination of this non-sickness he has with coughing fits all night long.  Or it could be a case of the brat baby.  You be the judge.  He doesn't wake up wanting milk, just to be rocked  and letting him cry it out isn't really an option because the kids share a room so if he cries too long it wakes Paisley up and makes her cranky at school.  Toby is going to try the whole cry it out thing again this weekend and let Paisley sleep in the playroom.  Fingers crossed things get better because this house needs it's sleep back.
Or maybe because some people in my life believe the world revolves around them and everyone else needs to bend to accommodate them/their wishes without any regard to others.  It is hard for me to see them in this new not so pretty light.  I try to not judge and bit my tongue but at what point do I remove myself from the poison of these people and the hurt they cause. 

It might also have to do with that fact that I have been questioning my decision to stay home full time.  Am I really do the right thing for the kids?  Would Ryder be better at a daycare and me at work?  What am I helping by staying home? 

On that note, peace out!  I am off to feed my soul and regroup at a craft weekend. 
No kids!  No husbands! I can't wait!!!   

Side Note: I love my family and I couldn't image life without them but sometimes this momma needs to recharge.  Trust me, they benefit just as much as I do.  Toby if you are reading this; thanks a million for flying solo this weekend.        

Monday, October 10, 2011

Help Needed

I am having blogger issues and it is driving me CRAZY!  I don't know if this is a blogger issue or a user error and Google is not helping me find an answer so I am turning to my fellow blog friends for help!

The problem: I am having trouble leaving comments on over half of the blogs that I follow.  A few work just fine and then a few others only work if the comment is anonymous. 

When I try to post a comment I get this message: 
Your current account ( does not have access to view this page.

here to logout and change accounts.
I have not changed any of my settings and I find it hard to believe that so many people changed their settings all at once.  What is going on????  Could it be something with the 'Cutest Blog on the Block' background?  I want to be a good blog friend and leave others some comment love but I can't.  GRRRR!!!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Crafts Completed

No, I have not been on vacation or slipping back into my old non-blogging ways.  It has just taken me a week to finish this one (very long) post.  I wanted to take time to share all the fun crafts I have done in the last four months.  Now, looking back over the week it might have been better/faster to just post a few a day but I didn't think of that until Friday and then it was too late because I was committed to this super long post (with lots of pictures & "How To's") to just stop.  So grab a snack and get comfy because this is going to take a while. 
Baby Wipe Case
I made this for a friend a while back and didn't take pictures of the process (only the finished product) but this is the tutorial I followed. 

Paisley's Desk Chair
I found this desk chair at a garage sale this past summer but didn't want to pay $5 for it (I know I am super cheap) so I went about my day a little sad wishing I had gotten it.  Then about dinner time I noticed it out by the curb!  Five dollar chair for FREE um, yes please! 
So with a little bit of love (and supplies we had on hand) Toby and I brought this old chair back to life.  Not bad for a free chair! 

Butterfly Headbands
These headband were made possible thanks to another Dollar Tree find.  While making my bi-weekly stop at the Dollar Tree I found a few different butterflies so I grabbed as many as I could and raced home to start working on them.  These were attached to flowers so I first took them off the flowers by cutting off the back that held them on.     
Then I added a dot of hot glue to the headband (also from Dollar Tree).
Then I added the butterfly at an angle. 
I also criss crossed ribbon to the back of the butterfly/headband for added support. 
The finial touch was a little bit of glitter to the darkest parts (the middle and edges). 
Find a cute little one to enjoy! 
Another version, with a different kind of butterfly using the same steps as above only my cute little model was in bed so I played dress up in the newest headband. 

I purged my t-shirts and Miss Paisley Pie scored some new nightgowns.  I used one of her nightgowns for my pattern and cut/sewed along the sides and arms giving my old shirt the right fit for her.   
She was so happy to have new nightgowns that she modeled them all for me. 

Personalized Bag
At enrollment Paisley was given a cute little bag full of goodies for school.  Me having a little more free time on my hands (during Ryder's nap time) I decided to add a little 'Something' to the bag to make it feel a little more like it was something special just for Paisley.  I got the P sized just right (in a word document), then Paisley picked out the fabric and I added the heat backing.    
Now anytime we head to KC Paisley will grab this bag and fill it with whatever she wants to play with on that trip.  It has made the car trips a little more fun for her. 

Swim Bag
After swim lessons this summer I realized that we need a different kind of bag to hold Paisley's wet stuff.  So as the beach towels went on clearance I grabbed some for $2 at Walmart and went to town making a bag that could join the wet stuff in the wash.  
First I folded the towel right-side (pattern side) together in half and cut across the middle (this will make two different bags). Then I took one half and folded it long way (right-side together) and sewed across bottom (cut end) and the side (across from the long fold).  
  I did a straight stitch and a zigzag on top of the straight stitch for added support.   
Then I measured how wide I wanted the straps.  I didn't like how thin they looked (first set of lines on the outside) so I added a little more space (second set of lines on the inside).  Then I needed a round shape to connect the lines so I used a small plate.  Then cut along the middle lines.    
Then I sewed down the straps stopping at the curve.   
Then I turned the bag right-side out and double folded the right-side (pattern side) into the bad-side (non pattern side) about 1/2 an inch for a clean seam.  Then I sewed the curve part to the straps.   
I then tucked one strap into the other and sewed them together. 
Finally, Paisley got her new pool bag.  It was too late for her to use at swim lessons but she LOVES bringing it to the pool at the YMCA.   

New Jean Skirt
New life to Paisley's old jeans.  So these bad boys not only had holes in the knees but they were also too short.  Wanting to stretch her wardrobe and my dollar I decided to make a skirt. First I started with jeans and measured where I wanted the skirt to fall and cut.   
Then I took the seam out of the legs.  This took FOREVER!!
Then I sewed one leg flap down on top of the other one (both front and back).
Then I added a double zig-zag stitch about 1/2 an inch from the bottom and right across the bottom to help stop fraying.  Then I added black fringe to the bottom (but I forgot to take a picture of that step).
And once again Paisley modeling her new gear!  Girls are so much fun!!
Close-up of the skirt.
Mom's Bag
I took my mom's old messenger bag and used it for my pattern. I used one yard of two different fabrics (a solid black I already had and this super cute pattern fabric). I cut out the four pieces I needed and sewed a 1/2 inch seam along the top (triangle part).  

Then I added a packet to each half in the opposite color.     
Then I sewed the two black pieces together (good-side together) and added the bottom.  I just kind of gathered the sides as I went as even as possible. 
Then I repeated the above steps with the print pieces.  Then I turned both sets right-side out and pined them together.  Then sewed along all seams.  If you are still with me, here is the finished product and one happy mom!

And that my friends ends this installment of craft overload.  If anyone is still reading this, I am sorry that your butt is numb.  I hope we can still be friends!