Wednesday, October 26, 2011

First Quarter

We (and by We I mean Paisley) are done with the first quarter of school.  We had our first Parent Teacher Conference that went very well.  We were told that Paisley is doing very good in school.  She is getting along with the kids and even help mediate a few arguments.  She (and one other little boy) have tested in the top level in their class in all subjects.  Her teacher even gave us a few pointers on how we can keep challenging her at home.  Also, in our first quarter of school we were late twice (morning are not fun around here) and forgot homework once.  Over all we are walking away feeling pretty good about the first quarter of school and ready to make the next one just as fun. 

For my Mommy file:
-Paisley is still sitting with all boys in her desk grouping (I was told that this is helping cut down on some of the extra talking she was doing).
-She loves writing stories using her site words.
-Paisley is reading more on her own.  She has even started reading to Ryder at bed time.
-Everything is a test now (She comes home from school and will test us on the new things she learned that day).
-She isn't very concerned on what she is wearing (Matching isn't always the goal but more comfort and if she will be able to keep up with everyone at recess).
-Everything is black and white with her (If you do wrong, you are bad but if you say sorry then all is well again).


starnes family said...

Good notes for your mommy file.

Congrats, you two, on a great first quarter!

Katina said...

I am not even surprised to hear what a smart little girl she is. Look at her parents :)
Good Job Paisley! Keep up the good work!