Friday, October 21, 2011

Girl's Only

My "Girl's Weekend" was just want I needed.  A healthy dose of some good old fashion fun!  In three days we consumed LOTS of soda and food (and a few adult drinks), put a hurting on our poor feet and pocket books, shared tons of stories and laughed until our tears ran down our legs (funny saying found here).  Yes, the laughter might have cased a little bit of dribble, some snorting and maybe a little tooting which fueled the fire of laughter even more!  There was so much laughing one night that we were compared to 6 year old girls (but we think it was more like 12 year olds).  Keeping with the 12 year old girl mentality we also suffered from loud outburst of giggles whenever someone would say something remotely dirty.  Not our finest hour but it was super fun!!

We started off our Saturday morning with a stop at Mac-adoodles. I was instantly loving it because it is IRISH (and it was the last place to get alcohol before we crossed over into Bella Vista, AR).     
 Our group of gals (picture taken by a very nice Mac-adoodles employee)
 Me and Donna (my second mom).

Then it was on to Bentonville, AR for our first craft fair. 
I walked away with a cute white watch and two shirts.   
 Then we had the biggest lunch ever at The Dixie Cafe.  I was so stuffed I really wanted to head home and nap but sleep was not on the agenda.  

We headed straight to the next craft fair in Springdale, AR.  I only got a bag of sweet nuts (that one was for you Donna) and lots of inspiration.  I am always amazed at how crafty some people are.
Me and Momma Alice (Donna's mom)
 On our way back to Nancy's house we did a little more shopping and as luck would have it the shopping center we stopped at was having a kids consignment sale.  So my kiddo's scored some super cheap/gently used clothes and toys.  Just for the record I won the title for largest purchase.  Paisley's bean bag chair tipped the scale for me and took up the most space.  She will be one happy girl on Christmas morning!
Before leaving Nancy's on Sunday we had to stop for a photo op with the fork in the road.  Well the fork was in the middle of the road until they moved it to this building! 
 Eating salad with the big fork.
 Too bad my big head was covering up the fork.  It just looks like I have a big metal thing sticking out of my head. 

Before heading home we decided to make a little trip to Branson Landing for a little more shopping.
 Que more giggles!
(This was a fun store. They had a little bit of everything.)
 This was definitely a weekend to reminisce, replenish, unwind and laugh into the night.  Surrounded by fun ladies and lots of crafts.  Now I am back to the real world with my batteries recharged!

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looks like you had a blast!