Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mrs. Cranky Pants

For the last few days I have been Mrs. Cranky Pants BIG time!

My crankiness might have something to do with the fact that I just can't keep my kids healthy. I'm talking about months of nasty diapers (Ryder, not Paisley), lots of drainage and coughing (both) and early morning vomit you can set your watch to (Ryder, because of the drainage/coughing).  We took both kids to the doctor last week: Paisley had an ear infection and was given meds.  The doctor said everything look fine for Ryder and to just watch him.  

Or it might have something to do with the fact Ryder still isn't sleeping all night.  The sleep might be a combination of this non-sickness he has with coughing fits all night long.  Or it could be a case of the brat baby.  You be the judge.  He doesn't wake up wanting milk, just to be rocked  and letting him cry it out isn't really an option because the kids share a room so if he cries too long it wakes Paisley up and makes her cranky at school.  Toby is going to try the whole cry it out thing again this weekend and let Paisley sleep in the playroom.  Fingers crossed things get better because this house needs it's sleep back.
Or maybe because some people in my life believe the world revolves around them and everyone else needs to bend to accommodate them/their wishes without any regard to others.  It is hard for me to see them in this new not so pretty light.  I try to not judge and bit my tongue but at what point do I remove myself from the poison of these people and the hurt they cause. 

It might also have to do with that fact that I have been questioning my decision to stay home full time.  Am I really do the right thing for the kids?  Would Ryder be better at a daycare and me at work?  What am I helping by staying home? 

On that note, peace out!  I am off to feed my soul and regroup at a craft weekend. 
No kids!  No husbands! I can't wait!!!   

Side Note: I love my family and I couldn't image life without them but sometimes this momma needs to recharge.  Trust me, they benefit just as much as I do.  Toby if you are reading this; thanks a million for flying solo this weekend.        


Katina said...

That does sound very frustrating! I hope things get better for all of you. Enjoy your weekend away!

On a side note I love Jonas' after preschool home daycare provider and she has a part time opening, it's all day Mondays and 7-12 Tuesdays through Fridays. If you would be interested in a parttime deal.

Val R said...

I hope you have a good weekend. I love you! Call or text me anytime. =)

starnes family said...

I hope you get some relief and peace this weekend. You deserve it.


The Emory's said...

First of all, as for the kids, they are exposed to different sets of germs every day, and pass them back and forth. If they haven't spent a lot of time sick, they's a fact of life, especially when going to school/daycare. They have to build up their immune systems before you have a chance of escaping that cycle. You can't blame yourself for that!

Secondly, we both know that quitting that job was the smartest thing you have done. It doesn't mean you have to stay home forever, but it got you out of a toxic situation that is continuing to spiral into the depths of hell. And, you got to experience an amazing summer with your kids! If you so choose, you can go back to work anytime. Despite what others think, there are plenty of good jobs out there waiting for a qualified person.

And lastly, as for the relationships...distance is a good thing, both the physical kind and the emotional kind! I know it may seem impossible when dealing with needy people and guilt trips, but you can learn to create the distance without stepping on toes, and consequently cutting out a lot of drama. It's a wonderful thing!

Anyway, I hope you can overcome the guilt you are feeling and have a fabulous weekend. Looking forward to catching up with you next week!