Sunday, October 2, 2011

Then and Now

Then: October 2nd, 2004

Now: October 1st, 2011

This year to celebrate our anniversary went out to eat at The Melting Pot on the Plaza.  We had so much fun just spending time together, talking and eating WITHOUT a child interrupting!   
I will be honest, I may have gotten a little tipsy (ok, maybe a LOT).  But the drinks were soooo good!  Say hello to my little friend the Love Martini.  (Psst, check out my anniversary gift, stackable Mother's rings.  LOVE them!)  

 Now say hello to four of my other friends (we went all out and opted for the wine sampler that came with each course) but I only liked the second wine what was paired with our salad because it was a sweet white wine but I can't remember the name.    

I had to snap this picture of Toby showing me some love! 
Just kidding, he was checking on show times but we didn't find anything that we wanted to see so we headed back to get the kids from Toby's parents and then home.  Everyone was so worn out from the early start and no/short nap that we all were asleep by 10:30 only to be woken up by Ryder vomiting at 6:30am.  

And this my friends, is life!

Happy Anniversary Toby, I love you lots!


Anonymous said...

This is really neat! You guys looked like you had both need to do this more know I will help with the you both, momma
p.s. you looked beautiful

Val R said...

Love your hair! Looks like you two had fun =)

starnes family said...

I've heard of this.......dinner without a child interrupting. Interesting.

Yall were darling then and now!

Stephanie said...

I LOVE your hair!!!!!

(And happy anniversary, of course.) :)