Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Our weekend was a long four day weekend thanks to Parent Teacher Conference's on Thursday and Friday (more on that later).  We spent our extra time together at the house being lazy and resting before our crazy weekend started. 

On Saturday Toby cashed in on some guy time, aka golfing.  Now everyone can rest easy knowing that he does get his time away also.  And while Toby was enjoy kids free time with the guys, we went to a wedding in Emma, MO.  The bride (Brianne) and her family are like extended family of ours.  Back in the day, I was able to test my babysitting skills out on her and her baby brother (talk about making a girl feel old).  Weddings are so much fun.  I love seeing the excitement before the ceremony and the love from everyone for the happy couple during the ceremony and at the reception.
Congrats Brianne and Eric!!  

After chasing Ryder all over the place at the reception (thanks Hollie and Johnny for keeping an eye on Paisley) we headed home.  I timed it so we were on the road around bed time thinking the kids would sleep.  Boy was I WRONG!!!  After about 45 minutes of nonstop crying (from Ryder) and yelling (from Paisley) we decided to make a pit stop at my mom's house.  The kids loved getting out and playing but then the extra energy started to wear off so we headed home again.  This time it was only about 15 minutes of crying before they both feel asleep.      

Then on Sunday after Church it was Crafter-noon with Amber.   Paisley was so excited to hang out with Amber and make crafts.  Amber and I had been planning this afternoon for weeks.  We had a list of different project that we wanted to get done and all the supplies.  I would like to tell you that we moved right along and finished everything but that would be a big FAT lie!  We didn't even get half of what we wanted to accomplish done.  We made magnets following these steps but I forgot to take pictures and we decorated pumpkins.  Lots of them! 
 Ryder's first pumpkin painting experience. 
 He liked painting with the brush much better than painting with his hands.
 All of our pretty pumpkins!
 A few of the ones that stayed at our house. 
(Paisley made the one on the left and middle and Ryder made the one on the right)   
 And a few more by the front door.   
Our Crafter-noon was so much fun we might do it again next month.

But that's not all, our weekend wouldn't be complete without a trip to the ER.  This time it was for Toby not Ryder (he has another kidney stone).  He gets them about once a year and this time was the worse I have seen.  He kept getting sick because of the pain.  Poor Toby!  Everyone was worried about him but we couldn't do anything to help.  Paisley kept asking if he was going to be ok and if she could help.  So was super scared for him and didn't know what to do.  

So, that's how we spent our weekend.  Hope you enjoyed yours!

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