Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Facebook Explained

The main reason I am back on Facebook....I miss the pictures! 
Almost everyone in my family only shares their pictures on Facebook so I was missing out on some super cute pictures of my nieces and new nephew.  And the second reason to get back on Facebook, Pinterest!  If you have not heard of this stop what you are doing and go check it out!!  But to have your own board on Pinterest you have to be on either Facebook  or Twitter.  So I bit the bullet and reopened my account.  I am in the process of getting set up on Pinterest (so I will share more when it is live).

   And because it has been a while I will share a TON of recent family photos that my mom took.  (I think the first or last picture might make the Christmas Card photo this year but I'm not sure yet.)   

We think he looks like an old man in this picture.  Look at his double chin!

It looks like Paisley is covering her mouth because we are kissing but no, she is in pain because Ryder had just hit her in the lip with that stick in his hand.  Poor Paisley!
If you look close on this one you can see that Ryder and I are fighting to keep him in the picture/on my lap.  This my friends is real life.  The joys of a one year old!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm Back

Back blogging again.

Back on facebook again.

Back working again.

And back tomorrow with more details.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

October Leftovers

Due to my blog slacking there are a few fun things you missed in October:

Barb's Birthday Surprise

Playing in the Rocks

Our Family Cookie Contest
 And the winner is......ME!
 What did the loser look like?  Well, I'm soooo glad you asked.  He looked like this!

Dinner at Aunt Linda's

The Pumpkin Patch

Fun in the Leaves

New Boots
My kids LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. BOOTS!  Their love for boots runs deep. So deep in fact that the boots can be seen on my kids with (and without) anything else on and even in bed. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our Three Halloween's 2011

Boo Downtown
Last Thursday I took the kids downtown for the annual trick-or-treating event.  This year the kids were .....(drum roll please).........
Supergirl and a blue Ninja.
 My Little Ninja (he even had a super cute little kick down)
 My little Supergirl
 Ryder LOVED the belly dancers and all the shaking they were doing.
Paisley said she needed to do something that a superhero would do, so she wanted a picture of her fighting the light pole.  She is so silly!
Proof that my Little Ninja was not a happy camper!
(Sorry Amber and Hollie but I got to keep it real)
And proof of my bribe that made him all better (for a bit anyway).

 The School Party/Parade
Last Friday was Paisley's class Halloween party and we (Ryder and I) got to go party with the class and watch the parade.  Twenty-four little people talking and moving all at once on a sugar high, not my idea of a good time! 
   Ryder even got to enjoy a snack with all the big kids. 

Halloween Night
Toby decided to dress up this year and when Ryder saw Toby's painted face his Ninja costume wasn't going to cut it.  No Sir, Ryder wanted to look like Daddy!  So Toby went to work transforming Ryder in a baby Frankenstein.  
Ryder after we painted his hair
 Hey me your monster face. 
 Hey Supergirl...strike a pose!
Ryder had to help himself to a sucker before we even left the house.
And we are off!!