Friday, December 16, 2011

Bath Time

After my friend Clare showed me this awesome blog: Play At Home Mom, I fell in LOVE with all her fun ideas of things to do with kids.  And after seeing this post about glow sticks I knew that we would have so much fun, so I started collecting glow sticks each time I went to the store and I get a few out when the kids need something different to do.  Tonight was one of those nights, Ryder was being super clingy and wouldn't leave Paisley alone.  So I stripped him down and put him in the tub with about seven glow sticks.  It worked like a charm, within minutes both kids were laughing and having a good time.  I even had to add more warm water to the tub. 
This is a picture before I turned the lights out.  The rest of the videos are VERY dark but it is fun to hear them laughing.

I even added a glow ball into the mix (that we got from Wal-Mart) but Ryder just kept throwing it at me so I took it away.  I don't think it bothered him not having the ball. 

Paisley is standing outside the tub spinning the glow necklace and if you look you can see Ryder's hands around the glow sticks.

And Paisley the Planet

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Katina said...

I love that site too. We have done the same thing. The boys like the glow sticks but love playing with the ball pit balls.
Check out to see the pictures.