Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Afternoon

Christmas #4: With Dad's Family

After our busy night and morning Ryder fell right asleep in the car (thank goodness) while Paisley enjoyed a movie and a short nap.  Even with all of our planning and lists we forgot a few things so we had a few unplanned stops (we were still early just not as early as we needed to be) and because we had the ham (that still needed to be cooked) are tardiness pushed lunch/dinner back by about an hour.  It was a good thing that the weather was so nice because anyone that wanted to got to ride the Four Wheelers. I think that might have been the highlight for Toby!

Not to outdone by his dad, Ryder also drove his own Four Wheeler, Mr. T style! 

As much as this pains me to say...I think little Mr. Brayten like his Aunt Hollie best!  She ALWAYS gets the best smiles from him!

The kids are getting ready to hand out our surprise gifts to everyone (a new updated group picture of our growing family - picture to come later).
Little Miss Kynly Lynn with the hair that just won't quit!  She has had it from day one!!

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