Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Tour of 2011

Christmas #1: With my Mom's Family

 Christmas with mom is celebrated the Saturday before Christmas and this year it went smooth with no drama.  It was pretty much stress free and I didn't feel rushed (always a good thing).  I was able to enjoy spending time with everyone and catching up with my grandparents.  And as always the kids had fun playing together. 

P.S. Our forth Christmas is on the next page so if you are not sick of pictures when/if you make it to the bottom, then click on the "Older Posts" link.

1 comment:

Clare said...

Goodness sakes...I hope you rested for a few days after your Christmases!!!!
They all look like so much fun though.

Santa brought Fiona Just Dance Kids 2 also, we are loving it. I do have to convince her to do something other than 5 little monkeys, but usually we can find something else after the first 3 times.
I love the picture of your Christmas morning where Toby is passed out on the bed, it looks so familiar.