Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Halls are Decked

Most of my Christmas decor is the traditional red, green and white, well until I had kids.  After having Paisley I wanted to have a "Fun Kids Tree" but didn't want to give up my Traditional tree so we have always had two, the Traditional tree upstairs in the living room and the Kid tree in the basement.  But this year I wanted to change things up so we only put up one tree and it is in our living room.  So we brought all the fun kids stuff to the living room.  Our goal is to keep everything Ryder proof/unbreakable.  
 Paisley's hand tree she made last year in preschool.
 Our growing Nutcracker family (Paisley is obsessed with them).
 This year the cards are all displayed on the shelf with beads, ornaments and Holly. 
 Our new elf candle holders (a cute gift from a friend).
Our homemade Advent Calendar.  Paisley and I painted these little buckets (that we got from Dollar Tree), added the numbers and ornaments.  Each day the kids get a treat from the bucket and we hang the ornament on the tree.  It has been so much fun that I think we will do it again next year!     

Side Note:  Ryder has managed to break about six different special ornaments (we are working on replacing the ones Paisley lost) and a dozen shatter proof silver balls. So far he has not broken anything on the shelf but he does like to re-arrange everything (I think because he knows it drives me crazy).  Yes, I am keeping count so I know what to look for after Christmas when everything will be one sale.  


Katina said...

Love the handprint Christmas tree, totally going to use it in my classroom.

Anonymous said...

I love the decorations! Now I'm worried about Miss Pie...Nutcrackers...really? They've always scared me to death!
Let her know, Nana loves her choice of nutcrackers...I'm really trying here :0)