Wednesday, December 14, 2011

November Leftovers

Room Change
It's official...Paisley has changed rooms full time.  She is now sleeping in the basement every night and loving it.  Ryder has their old room all to himself and he is sleeping through the night!  Yay, this makes me so happy!  The toys are all still down in Paisley's room because Ryder won't sleep with all his fun toys in the room.  But don't worry, Paisley said "I don't mind sharing my room for toys with Ryder if I get to sleep all night and he doesn't bother me."  As a treat/reward for being such a big girl Paisley will get to pick out new bedding after the holidays.

This year our Thanksgiving started out a little different.  Toby and Paisley went back to his parents house Wednesday night to help get everything ready while Ryder and I waited until after his nap on Thursday before we got on the road.  It was nice for Paisley to get some one-on-one time with Toby, Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Guy.  The food was great as always (I am so lucky that I married into a family that not only enjoys cooking but is GREAT at it) and so was the conversation.  They even broke out the old family photo albums and we all had a good laugh.

Black Friday Shopping
Amber and I KILLED it shopping!!  We survived on about 6 hours of sleep from Wednesday to Friday (thank goodness Toby and the kids let me sleep for most of the day on Saturday) and a whole lot of McDonald's (we are now the McFriend's).  Not only did we shop until we dropped but we also got to catch up on life.  It was like being in high school again only without all the drama.  And after all our shopping I have almost everyone crossed off my Christmas list. All I have to say is: Game on Santa!! (I borrowed that saying from the new Best Buy commercials - It felt appropriate.)

Photo Project Completed
On one of my many "To Do Lists" I have a bunch of photo projects that I just can't ever find/make the time to finish.  One of the projects on my list was to print, label and organize all of our pictures (the last time I printed pictures was around Paisley's first birthday so I had a lot of catching up to do).  Over the last six months I have been able to slowly catch up on printing all of our photos by hitting sales on Snapfish  and Shutterfly.  Today I am happy to announce that all photos (from Paisley's first birthday thru November 2011) have been printed, labeled and put in date order and in photo albums.  Let's hope I can keep up on printing the pictures because I want to avoid doing this again and the kids and I love sitting down with the albums and talking about all the pictures.

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