Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fun at Snow Creek

The other part of Paisley's birthday celebration was to do something fun that only big kids can do.  Translation, Ryder couldn't join the fun. 

One on the MANY joys of having an older child is the freedom that comes with it.  She is old enough to tell us what she wants/needs, she can do a lot of things for herself and we can do fun things like go to Snow Creek!  (We love our Ryder Moose but at time his age limits what activities we can do.)  
 The girls (and Hollie) getting ready to hit the hill
 Daddy's little girl
Up we go!
Just a little further....
Almost there (and boy was everyone excited)!
Ok girls, just one more picture, please?!
And like any good parents we let the girls go down first while we watched.  After the guy sent them down the hill we all kind of looked at each other and said "Oh my, what did we just do? Who is going to catch them? No one will be at the bottom to help them."  Oops!
But don't worry, the workers at the bottom helped them until we got there and we did catch up pretty fast.

For the next two hours we went up the hill....
...and then back down!


Paisley said she wants to do this every year for her birthday and we just might!  Only next time we might ski also. 

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