Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Princess Paisley Turns 6

Turning 6 is a big event
filled with fun and merriment!

This year Paisley asked for a few very specific things for her birthday:  First, she didn't want to have a big family party but instead just have a few friends over for a princess tea party/dinner. Second, she wanted Ryder gone (like out of the house/state and FAR away from her friends/party). Third, she wanted to do something fun that Ryder couldn't do.  We decided to go snow tubing at Snow Creek - more on that later.
(Can you tell that Paisley is getting a little tired of having an ornery little brother around?)

The Party
Paisley requesting a princess tea party was a first.  She has never been super girlie so this was new for both of us and we were so excited planning everything we wanted to do.

The cake (she was so happy that Toby made exactly what she asked for)
 And princess cupcakes (she wanted both - more options for flavors)
We borrowed real tea cups and a tea pot from a friend.  The girls love it!

 Sarah letting us know the correct way to drink tea (punch), pinkie out!
 The girls!
We made a castle out of a cardboard box and a table cloth.  We even put up sheets on the wall to look like the sky and grass.  We were a little rushed so the castle didn't turn out as good as I wanted but the girls still had fun. 
 Then we started the princess games.  First up was a silly string fight, in the living room. This a BIG hit with everyone.
Gifts by the castle, where else would a princess open her gifts?
 Next princess game was Princess Tag Tails followed by Princess Freeze Dance.  We also painted picture frames so the girls could take a group picture home with them.

Everyone had a blast and Paisley loved getting to hang out with her friends.

Six year has flown by! 

It feels like I blinked and she went from my Little Princess

to my big girl! 

Happy birthday Paisley! We love you lots and lots!!


Katina said...

Such a good Mommy and Daddy! Happy Birthday Paisley!

Stephanie said...

What an awesome party!! Love it!