Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ryder Update

As of Thursday morning our little man has tubes in his ears! We were unsure if it was going to happen because everyone in our house has been sick off and on for the past two weeks.  As of Wednesday night Ryder had been fever free and kept his food down all day (he still had NASTY poo pants) but the doctor said they would take his temp and if he was still fever free then we would go ahead with the tubes. 
(Ryder in the waiting room killing time before he got his tubes)

Rewind a few months: At Ryder's 1 year, 15mth and 18mth Well Child Check he had been testing at the very bottom of the scale for speech (for how many words and how clear the few he could say were) but the doctor wasn't worried because Ryder was excelling/ahead of the game in other areas.  I was told at his 18mth WCC that if he didn't add three more words to this list then we would want to think about getting his ears tested.  I didn't think too much about this until he started trying to say a few new words and they just didn't sound right (he kind of sounded like a deaf person speaking). I understand that he is only 18mth old and little ones do have a funny way of talking but this was different and it didn't feel right to me so I called and asked if we could go ahead and get his ears tested.  When we went and saw the ENT doctor they said that Ryder has "significant hearing loss" in his left ear. (Talk about feeling like the world's WORST mom!!!)  This is when we set up the appointment for the tubes.        

The surgery went as well as expected.  He was fine while we waited for his turn to go back (I got a little sad/scared for him when I heard a few other kids crying because I knew that would be him).  He freaked out when the nurse took him from me to go back for the surgery and then I almost lost it when he was in recovery.  He was going in and out of being awake from the meds and he would fight and hit and cry and scream and then his little head would flop around and he would be still then it would start all over again.  Sooooo sad!!!!  But when he woke up from his afternoon nap he was much better.  He was starting to run and play and get into trouble.  And it it was so cool to watch him "hear" somethings that he might not have paid much attention too before (like then I was rocking to sleep before nap he heard birds outside and sat up surprised and pointed out the window).  We have a follow up appointment on the 25th to see how things are healing and to retest his hearing and we think we will get good news.  The doctor also told us that after Ryder had the tubes we should see a difference in his vocabulary, the clarity of his words and his balance.  So fingers crossed we see these other improvements also. 
(Ryder on Friday - the day after getting tubes)

For my mommy file (because I have been slacking)
Stats from Ryder's 1 year Well Child Check:
Weight: 22lbs 4oz = 40%
Height: 31.8in = 94%
Head Circumference: 47.0cm = 66%

Stats from his 15 month Well Child Check:
Weight: 24lbs 2oz = 45%
Height: 34.0in = 97%
Head Circumference: 47.6cm = 63%

Stats from his 18 month Well Child Check:
Weight: 26lbs 2oz = 54%
Height: 34.4in = 95%
Head Circumference: 48cm = 56%

At a little over one and a half years old the best way to describe you is, CRAZY!!!!  You have so much energy and you need to always be moving.  You love playing with cars and balls or anything your big sister has.  You have no fear.  You climb on anything and everything (your dresser, tables, chairs and baby gates)!!  You love to color/draw when Paisley is working on her homework and if things are not put away (out of your reach) you feel the need to color where ever you want (walls, the tv, the floor, tables, yourself, windows - you get the idea).  You don't like to share me with anyone, so sometimes you have to sit in timeout for hitting.  You are very helpful and love to help me clean/put things away.  You are even very good at putting your toys away in the correct spot (I think the picture labels help out a lot).  You are sleeping in a big boy bed all by yourself in your own room but you still haven't mastered sleeping through the night all the time.  You are very picky when it comes to food.  So dinner time is a battle on most nights.  You are growing like a weed.  You are wearing size 5 diapers and 24mths/2T clothes.  You look like a little boy now, no little baby face (I'm not sure when it happened but it did).  And you are a HAM!!!  You can turn on the charm and smile to work a room like a star.  It is so funny to watch.  I can't wait to see all the new things you will learn this year.
Love you lots and lots!!!

Random pictures of my Ryder Moose
 He cut his lip jumping off Paisley's bed.
 This is his favorite chair at our friends house (it's a firewood holder).

He LOVES hats and this one from Aunt Laura the most!

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