Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another Birthday Celebration

So, I am a little late posting about this (December 30th was the big day)! 

Now, I am not one of those people who FREAKED out over turning 30 because I think I have an old soul and I have never really felt my age, until now.  I am leaving my 20s happy.  I feel like I am right where I should be.  I didn't complete everything on my list of "30 before I turn 30" but I am ok with it.  I will keep working on it and mark them off as I go.

My 30th birthday was celebrated over three amazing days!  (I figured I needed one day for every 10 years on this earth).  We kicked of the celebrations on the eve of my 30th much like the days of my youth...with one of my oldest and dearest friends, Amber.  We started our afternoon out with a shopping trip.  Then her very sweet boyfriend treated us to dinner.  After dinner we headed home for an old fashion slumber party.  This one was a little different than those of our youth, for starters my mom didn't get drunk and step on her but we did laugh until we cried (due to the long process of opening the bottle of wine).  After our night cap it was lights out so we would be rested for more birthday fun the next day.

I woke up on  my birthday to the best gift this lady could ask for...10 solid hours of uninterrupted sleep.  After getting up and about we headed out to get a message.  The massage was followed by a super relaxed lunch and LOTS of birthday messages from friends and family.  To round out our day we met a few more special people for dinner at GoJo's (one of my most favorite places to eat). Talk about starting out my 30s with a bang! 

But that was not the end of birthday fun.  Oh, no!  Toby treated me to one more night away with a hotel room on the plaza.  My friend Val and I walked around on the plaza for a bit then had a few cocktails before we headed back to the room.  We finished off our GoJo's leftovers before passing out.  Two night in a row of sleeping all night!!!  

The rest of my weekend was spent loving on my kids and hubby.  It was the perfect way to celebrate turning 30!

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