Thursday, February 2, 2012

Card-Carrying Member

It's of today our family has our first Zoo membership!!
The weather has been so nice and with talk of bad stuff coming I wanted to enjoy being outside with the kids.  I surprised them with a trip to the zoo after we picked Paisley up from school and while we were there I signed us up for the year pass. What the hey, why not.
Paisley started off our tour by letting Ryder know where we were and what animals we should see. 
 These two kept tackling and playing.  Both kids got a kick out of seeing them act like house cats.
I LOVE this picture of them!  Sometimes they can be so kind to each other and other times I just want to run and hide from them. 
Anything Paisley did, Ryder wanted to do...
 ...that is, until he got scared and then all he wanted was for me to hold him!
 Ryder: "Up. Up. Meez (please)!"

Let's hope the weather allows us to come back soon. 


Katina said...

Ryder is so big! I here my oldest guys ran into you :)

starnes family said...

Nothing better than a zoo membership. Enjoy!