Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Circus - 2012

When my work offered me free tickets to the circus I took them with a quickness!  Sunday night we took the kids to the Arab Shrine Circus.  This was another first for our family and it was a big hit!   
 Look how EXCITED she is!
 This little guy was so zoned into all the action!
 Both kids loved getting to shine their lights with all the other kids.
 Ryder LOVED the animals!
 Both kids loved getting to see Mater!
 Intermission was at 7:30pm and Ryder was DONE!  So we missed the second half but we still had fun and we are looking forward to going again next year.  


Stephanie said...

Did I somehow miss that you're working again??

Anonymous said...

Good Times! They did look like they had a lot of fun.


Vincent Family said...

Stephanie - I can't remember if I said something or not but started working part time at the SW YMCA in the nursery. It's a pretty good deal for me because I don't work more than a 3 hour shift and I get to bring the kids.