Sunday, May 27, 2012

Baby Name - Paisley

Part of the fun of becoming a parent is getting to name your baby.  When we found out I was pregnant with Paisley we started making our list of boy/girl names.  The boy names were super easy for us and we even had one picked out that we BOTH loved right away, Hunter Alexander Vincent.  Girl names on the other hand gave us LOTS of trouble (this was even before we knew our little one was a girl)!  At one point we couldn't even talk about girl baby names without getting into a fight so we would leave each other a list and then cross off/add without even saying a word to each other.  Finally, after a few months of going back and forth we had our top three names (in this order):
Hannah Nichole Vincent
 Paisley Marie Vincent
Maggie Lane Vincent

We liked the name Hannah so much we even started telling people and calling my belly Hannah; that is until the 4th of July 2003 when a friend asked if we had a name picked out yet and we said "Yes, Hannah Nichole." Then he said "Oh, like Anna Nicole Smith. Cool." Um, no. Not so much! 

So, from that day on our baby/my growing belly was Paisley Marie and there is no way she could have been anything else! 

I am so glad we decided on Paisley because so far she has been the only Paisley in her class (she has had a Hannah in her class in both preschool and kindergarten).

Baby Name - Ryder

When we found out I was pregnant the second time around we started our boy/girl baby name list again.  This time around it was pretty much the same as the first time only reverse.  We both agreed on a girl name first and fast so we had a feeling that our new little one might be a boy.  If Ryder had been a girl his name would have been: Harper Lee (but we might have spelled Lee, Lea).  

When we would try to work on our list of boys names we would fight so we had to pass notes again.  The problem this time around is that we both LOVED a different name and didn't want to give it up.  Toby wanted Logan and I wanted Seamus (It is the Gaelic equivalent of the name James and I loved that because I have a Grandpa Jim and at my wedding he and my dad walked me down the aisle.  Also, my Grandpa's birthday is in May and that is when I was due).   

After we left the doctor's office with the news that a little boy was growing in my belly we agreed that his name would be Logan Seamus Vincent, so we both won.  But when I started calling people and telling them the name Toby said "Stop calling him that! His name will not be SEAMUS! I HATE that name!"  and because Toby (and almost everyone else) HATED the name Seamus so much and I had to hate the name Logan right back. 

Finally, after a very long debate (lasting a few days) we both agreed on Ryder Mathis Vincent. 

This is when his got his nickname Moose (he kind of got a little chunky/solid).

Sometimes I wish I would have fought harder for the name Seamus (I think he could have pulled it off) but that is ok because my little Moose is TOTALLY a Ryder!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

March Review - Soccer

I became a proud soccer mom!

Paisley got off to a slow start and really struggled with being aggressive.  I guess her manners/thinking is still very much black and white.  At her first game she said "Sorry" a lot, got out of the way of the other team so they could score saying "Excuse me, sorry I was in your way", and when Toby or I yelled from the sidelines to take the ball she would stop look at us and say "It's not polite to steal from others."  But by her last game she was starting to get the hang of it.  We hope that her soccer camp this summer will help smooth things out before this fall.

March Review - Spring Break

This year Spring Break was spent at Nana's.  The best thing about Nana's house is there is always so much fun stuff to do!

The kids had fun helping with "The Boys"

Tending to the gardens

Learning to light a fire

Exploring nature

Playing in the yard
And spending time with Nana and Papa Bob because lets face it when grandparents are around the kids get to do more fun stuff that they don't get to do when they are at home with mom and dad. 
Thanks for letting us stay we had a BLAST! 

March Review - Play Date

Our zoo pass had been the BEST money spent!  Both kids enjoy going and it is a fun play date location.  Having a pass we get emails about fun things going on at the zoo and one of the events was getting to feed the giraffe so Paisley and I called a friend and asked if they wanted to meet us after we dropped Ryder off for is nap (Toby was home with him).    

The girls started out at the playground.

Then we walked around at the zoo until it was feeding time.

Feeding time.  It was so much fun to be that close and Paisley talked about it for days. 

March Review - Random

Here are just a few of my favorite random pictures from March, enjoy!!

Ryder at the YMCA, this boy always has a new bump, bruise or cut somewhere

Showing off his new hat from Aunt Laura

At Baskin-Robbins getting a late night treat

Cheering Big Sister on at her soccer game

Paisley's end of school program (didn't get any good ones inside)

First night of soccer practice

Art projects we did (thank you pinterest for the ideas)

Ryder showing off his B-ball skills

A note to Paisley's teacher for his birthday

Paisley's art projects she hung on her walls all by herself.....
....with LOTS of tape....
...and when she ran out of tape she used her glue stick, nice!