Sunday, May 27, 2012

Baby Name - Paisley

Part of the fun of becoming a parent is getting to name your baby.  When we found out I was pregnant with Paisley we started making our list of boy/girl names.  The boy names were super easy for us and we even had one picked out that we BOTH loved right away, Hunter Alexander Vincent.  Girl names on the other hand gave us LOTS of trouble (this was even before we knew our little one was a girl)!  At one point we couldn't even talk about girl baby names without getting into a fight so we would leave each other a list and then cross off/add without even saying a word to each other.  Finally, after a few months of going back and forth we had our top three names (in this order):
Hannah Nichole Vincent
 Paisley Marie Vincent
Maggie Lane Vincent

We liked the name Hannah so much we even started telling people and calling my belly Hannah; that is until the 4th of July 2003 when a friend asked if we had a name picked out yet and we said "Yes, Hannah Nichole." Then he said "Oh, like Anna Nicole Smith. Cool." Um, no. Not so much! 

So, from that day on our baby/my growing belly was Paisley Marie and there is no way she could have been anything else! 

I am so glad we decided on Paisley because so far she has been the only Paisley in her class (she has had a Hannah in her class in both preschool and kindergarten).

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Anonymous said...

I really didn't like the name Paisley, but you gave me a few months for it to grow on me. Now, I don't think any other name would fit my little Miss Pie. Of course you were right and Paisley is perfect for her!
Love, Momma