Sunday, May 27, 2012

Baby Name - Ryder

When we found out I was pregnant the second time around we started our boy/girl baby name list again.  This time around it was pretty much the same as the first time only reverse.  We both agreed on a girl name first and fast so we had a feeling that our new little one might be a boy.  If Ryder had been a girl his name would have been: Harper Lee (but we might have spelled Lee, Lea).  

When we would try to work on our list of boys names we would fight so we had to pass notes again.  The problem this time around is that we both LOVED a different name and didn't want to give it up.  Toby wanted Logan and I wanted Seamus (It is the Gaelic equivalent of the name James and I loved that because I have a Grandpa Jim and at my wedding he and my dad walked me down the aisle.  Also, my Grandpa's birthday is in May and that is when I was due).   

After we left the doctor's office with the news that a little boy was growing in my belly we agreed that his name would be Logan Seamus Vincent, so we both won.  But when I started calling people and telling them the name Toby said "Stop calling him that! His name will not be SEAMUS! I HATE that name!"  and because Toby (and almost everyone else) HATED the name Seamus so much and I had to hate the name Logan right back. 

Finally, after a very long debate (lasting a few days) we both agreed on Ryder Mathis Vincent. 

This is when his got his nickname Moose (he kind of got a little chunky/solid).

Sometimes I wish I would have fought harder for the name Seamus (I think he could have pulled it off) but that is ok because my little Moose is TOTALLY a Ryder!

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Anonymous said...

Again...Ryder fits and always has! Love the pics, Momma