Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Birthday Boy

It's hard to believe that this little baby...

is now a two year old BIG boy!

Stats for my Mommy File:
Height: 37in = 97%
Weight: 31lbs 12oz = 87%
Head Circumference: 48.9cm = 56%

At two years old you drive me CRAZY almost daily but in truth, I enjoy it!  You are ornery as sin and proud of it. You are always on the go with TONS of extra energy to spare.  You are really living up to your nickname "Moose" because you are one solid little boy!  You have no fear and live to keep me on my toes.  You love all sports, cars, trucks, motorcycles, bikes, animals and your big sister's toys.  Because we spend so much time together all day you have a hard time sharing me with sister when she gets home from school.  You still are NOT, I repeat NOT sleeping through the night but at least you still take a good nap (lucky me because I also enjoy naps).  It has been four months with your tubes in and already your vocabulary has doubled but it still isn't quite where it should be but we are not too worried yet.  Some of my favorite things you say are: "Where daddy go?", "More now please!" and the best one "Baby happo (hippo) ni-night (snoring sounds, then you laugh). Mommy happo mean (GRRRR, then you laugh)."  You like to tell stories and think you are pretty funny.  You are very independent but when you want to cuddle you are super sweet! I can't wait to see the new things you will do this year. 
Love you lots and lots,

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