Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Brain Dump

I remember a time when I was a better blogger.  I had stuff to say or was a little funny but now I am lazy so I just add a bunch a pictures with a few words.  I might try to be better but I am not sure. 

I am ready to go back to work.  I have loved staying at home but my Ryder NEEDS to be around other kids and I need a little more ME time. I also miss being able to help Toby out with bills.

I get stressed out a lot easier than I use to when I only had one kid.  Having Ryder changed EVERYTHING more than I thought.

I can't wait to move into the new house and start house projects.  I think this house might be "The House that Pinterest Built" because I have TONS of ideas that I want to try!  (Toby is not very happy about this - he is not a fan of Pinterest)

*  I am thinking about doing something crazy with my hair.  Well, maybe not super crazy just something different.

*  I am going to miss my Topeka friends.  It was hard to say good-bye because Topeka had become my home. Toby on the other hand didn't understand why I was upset because Topeka was never home for him, just a place he was for a bit.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

May Review - Carnival

While out driving around one night trying to decide what to eat for dinner we saw that the carnival was in town so we stopped to play and eat the yummy food!

The kids approved this decision.

May Review - End of School

Good bye Kindergarten!
Hello 1st Grade!

This little girl is so me.  When I picked her up on the last day of school she started to cry.  She said that she had cried earlier that day also because she was so sad to be leaving her classroom, her friends and her teacher.
This year Paisley had a male teacher, Mr. Mielenz and to be honest at the start of the year I wasn't sure if a guy teacher for Kindergarten was going to be very good.  I just wasn't sure if he would be nurturing enough for my very soft hearted girl but he was a PERFECT fit!  We will miss him next year.

The trouble with a man for a teacher...what do you get him for a gift to show how much we LOVED him?  Well, my first thought was to just get him a gift card somewhere but that didn't feel personal so we made him a "Summer Fun" basket for him and his daughter (she is 4) to enjoy.
Basket breakdown: Movie candy and a $10 gift card to the movies (and if they go to the $2 movies they will be able to watch a few this summer).
Fun Ice Cream Scoops and a $5 gift card to get ice cream.
A puzzle and pass to the local gymnastics place in town.
A calendar of events at the zoo, stuffed animal and day passes to the Topeka Zoo. 
I was able to get everything for $25 (thanks to having some stuff on hand in my gift closet - what you don't have a random closest full of stuff that you get on sale for super cheap?).  He was very thankful and called to personally thank Paisley for being so thoughtful.

Mr. Mielenz was also kind enough to help me start a new tradition for Paisley.  He was the first teacher to sign her book Oh, the Places You'll Go! and the plan is to give it to Paisley at her High School graduation (thank you Pinterest for the idea). 

Friday, June 15, 2012

House Update

We SOLD our house!!
After six days on the market and five showings we got an offer and accepted!  All the inspections and paper work are complete and we hand over our keys to the new owners today at 1pm.  We have been going a million miles a minute these last few weeks trying to get everything ready to move and now we are done.  Everything we own is packed and in storage. 

Oh, and we bought house in Kansas City!  YAY!!!!  
If everything goes as planned (inspections and paper work) then we should be able to move into our new house July 12th. So, until the big move we are staying with my mom. 

Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you mom! 

As much as I love my mom (and you know I love her lots), we are excited to get to move into our new house and get our life back to normal again.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

April Review - Easter

This year Easter was spent at Gigi and Papa Jim's house.  The cousins had a blast playing together!  

It wouldn't be a family gathering without a new group shot!

This year the girls hid the eggs and I think we did a pretty good job.
 (If you look real close you can see the eggs in the grass)
 And the kids were ready to go!

April Review - Exploring

Exploring Cedar Crest Governor's Mansion


Exploring Kansas Museum of History

April Review - Cousin Playdate

In April my soon to be sister in-law came up for a visit with the kids!  We were so excited to have visitors for the weekend but the trouble with four kids and two room in one car so we both had to drive everywhere. 

We started our fun weekend with a trip to the zoo and everyone had a BLAST....
....until all hell broke loose!

We also played at the park

And rode the train
We even took in a game (Paisley's last soccer game to be exact)
We finished our weekend of fun with a bath (and waiting out a bad storm in the basement - got to love the weather in Kansas).