Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Day of 1st Grade

Last night, with the help of our fashion friend Amber, Paisley picked out her outfit for the first day of school (then changed her mind this morning). 

This year marks a first for Miss Paisley Pie, she is a bus rider.  The school bus picks the kids up from daycare and then drops them off.  Can you tell that she was super excited to ride the bus for the first time? 
This one hurts my heart a little. 
I think she looks too small to be on the big bus without me keeping her safe. It didn't help that I was at work already and missed out on her getting on the bus but Toby was able to stop by on his way out of town (what a good hubby & daddy) so I could still have pictures!

Paisley had a great day first day of school!  

This was the recap she gave me of her first day:
*The bus was very bumpy
*Hot lunch is good
*She got lost in a hallway but a classmate found her
*She sits with 2 boys and 1girl at her table
*Her teacher is nice

To celebrate a great first day Paisley got to pick what we had for dinner, Mexican food and how we spent our night.  She wanted her bath in the big tub in our bathroom, a little bit of TV time and then just sit and relax/talk. 

And that my friends is how we do back to school!


starnes family said...

Sounds like the perfect back-to-school day! Jealous of your bus. None here! Not since we left Kansas.

Stephanie said...

I love this - sounds like a great day!