Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hello Friends

Hello Friends (if anyone is still checking this little blog)!

Things are starting to calm down for us.  We are finally all unpacked, no more living out of boxes! Everything is put away and I am starting to label things and hang stuff on the walls. So our new house is starting to look and feel like home! I will post pictures as we finish rooms (or you can come visit and see it in person).   :o)

I got a new job (outside of the home).  The day we got the keys to our house I was offered the job and they wanted me to start the following week.  Last week was week number four at my new job, how CRAZY is that?! I am back at Lockton on the Plaza and LOVE it!  So far everything is going good! I really like what I am doing and what I will be doing after I am all trained and I enjoy the people I work with and the break from my kids and the paycheck. :o) I do miss nap time and more free time at home to get stuff done but I am learning to adjust.

Paisley loved the summer day care/camp that she was in. They went on field trips three days, swim one day and have someone fun come the last day each week. So she has gotten to see the new movies when they came out, skate, bowl, the zoo, and a few different museums.  The day camp is at her new school so she is learning her way around the school and meeting kids that are in her grade and a few of the teachers.  Last week she started a different day care for before & after school (the summer program was full for the school year) and she starts 1st grade on the 21st.  How is it that she is already in the 1st grade? 

Ryder is doing really good at his day care. He cried for the first three mornings when I dropped him off but now he looks forward to seeing/playing with his friends. At least once a week we get an accident report sent home because he fell or someone hit him, no surprise there (at least he isn’t hitting anyone – yet). And I LOVE this center because each day they send us home with a sheet that tells us what the kids did that day and it has pictures! And his speech is already improving so much! He will go through a screening process at the day care this November and at that time he will be tested for Autism.  At his 2 year WCC the doctor had advised that he get tested because he had a few warning signs. 

Toby still doesn’t like his job and but now he is happier because when he is home he can hang out with friends. So it has been nice to see him this happy again. He said it feels like he can get a break from work here vs. Topeka. He is still gone a few nights a week so it doesn’t really feel that much different to the kids and I.  Being this close to all of our family and KC friends has allowed us to have more people over and are LOVING that!


Katina said...

I'm still reading :) Glad things are going well with you!

Stephanie said...

YAY! So glad you're back - and it sounds like everything is going great! We need to get together to catch up sometime soon. :)