Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Non-Party Party

Paisley and I went to the BEST non-birthday party EVER!!!  What kid wouldn't love getting to spend the day at world's of fun?  The girls went on almost all of the rides!  Sarah is fearless (always has been) and I think Paisley didn't want to be outdone so she went on all the same rides.  A few of big ones they went on were the Mamba, the Boomerang, the Spinning Dragons, the Detonator and the Fury of the Nile were we all got soaked.  The girls even asked to go on the RipCord but us mommies weren't ready for that yet.
The Fjord Fjarlane
The Finnish Fling
The Le TaxiTour
The Skyliner
The Spinning Dragons

Thank you so much for letting us spend the day with you.  We had so much fun!!!  If I can make one request, please stop growing.
  (Then: 8/2008 = 2 yrs old)
Happy Birthday Miss Sarah!!!
(Now: 8/2012  = 6 yrs old)


starnes family said...

I miss Worlds of Fun! Such great memories from that park.

CE said...

I agree...by far the best birthday event ever! I love hiw you thre in the 2008 pic!