Saturday, December 29, 2012

November - 2012

A review of our November (because I was a blog slacker at the time). 

Girls Night
(celebrating Amber's single life coming to an end)
Is spent with Toby's family.  We eat LOTS of really yummy food, watch football (or for me plan out my Black Friday shopping spree), visit, laugh and take tons of silly pictures.

This year on Thanksgiving my very loving and thoughtful in-laws decided to have a little surprise birthday party for me on Thanksgiving (my birthday isn't until December 30th).  I got cake, balloons and a killer gift card from the group.  Needless to say they got me good, I was totally surprised!

Sick Kiddos (again)
This past Fall and start of Winter has not been good to our little family in the health department.  It feels like the kids have been sick way more than normal and the sickness keeps them down longer.  Over the last two months Ryder's tubes have fallen out (they weren't in for a full year) and he has gotten two ear infections.  We meet with the ENT and Ryder is scheduled to get another set of tubes put in and his Adenoids out on January 9th. Fingers crossed this helps our little guy.  

Friday, December 28, 2012


One family + Two months = BUSY!!
1st Birthday Party
Bridal Shower

 Bachelorette Party


Thursday, December 27, 2012

October - 2012

A recap of what you missed this October while I was on a little blogging break:

Decorating our new house for Halloween
Parent Teacher Conference - Paisley
Her teacher had nothing but nice things to say about her.  She is adjusting well to the new school and making friends.  She tested above her grade for Math, Science and Reading but needs to work on her handwriting.  And her teacher commented on Paisley's fun sense of humor and quick comebacks.  She said that sometimes she will walk away from talking to Paisley and have to remind herself that Paisley is only 6.  (That made Toby very proud) 


Parent Teacher Conference - Ryder
He is showing GREAT improvement in his speech, he is adjusting well to being at Daycare and making lots friends.  She said that he is very in tune to others feeling and always wants to make sure everyone is happy. His screening results came back negative for autism.  They did say that he has a slight speech delay and a few sensory issues but nothing that requires professional help, just a little extra one-on-one help at home.
This year Paisley was a devil and Ryder was Batman. 
The Friday before Halloween we did Trunk-or-Treat at Paisley’s school. We got to meet her Teacher’s little boy and a few of her little friends.
Then on Halloween we went out in our new neighborhood.  It was fun for all of about 5 minutes then the kids started to fight.  It was a race to see who would make it to the door first or ring the doorbell first. At a few houses Ryder was crying so much when they opened the door (because Paisley rang the bell before he could) that he got extra candy. We made down one street and up the other then decided to go back home and get the kids in bed. Maybe next year will be more fun?!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Big Ol'Christmas Post - Part 1

The night before, the night before Christmas....
was our Christmas Eve this year.
We decided to try something new this year so Paisley sent her letter to Santa asking for him to please come on Christmas Eve morning.
In true Christmas Eve fashion the kids were allowed to open one gift.  Normally it is a new pair of PJ's but I dropped the ball and forgot to get new PJ's so the kids were able to pick one gift.  

Paisley opened a Fijit Friend and Ryder opened a Batcave. Then the kids got ready for bed and Paisley read The Night Before Christmas (she only needed help with a few words).  
While the kids slept, Santa stopped by our house.
He left Paisley a skateboard, Ryder a fire truck and both kids a bow & arrow.
The beauty of Christmas with Santa on Christmas Eve?  The kids were able to play with all their goodies all morning, they took naps in their own beds and were able to play more while we made dinner. 

We went to the early Christmas Eve Service this year. 
Both kids enjoyed the service.  Ryder loved the music, Paisley shouted answers at the Pastor (he wasn't looking for answers but she was following along and couldn't help herself) and Ryder shouted at everyone to "Be very careful because fire is really HOT!" during the closing song by candlelight. 
After church we had a picnic in the living and watched Shrek the Halls together. 

This was the BEST holiday ever!  We were able to slow down, enjoy our time together and with our families, re-direct our time and energy where we wanted and it was pretty much stress-free.

The Big Ol'Christmas Post - Part 2

Christmas morning we were up bright and early and on the road by 8:00am.  For the first time we celebrated Christmas morning with Toby's family and we had a BLAST!!!  They had a breakfast buffet out for everyone to enjoy, followed by a few silly photos and then it was gift time.

Reda's heart attack, place a bet when you think he will finish this beast.
Funniest gift of the morning...Laura's gift that wouldn't end.  
She was handed bubble wrapped gifts... 
...and after some assembly her nice, new candle sticks were finally revealed.  

 The after math was a little CRAZY!


The Big Ol'Christmas Post - Part 3

After Christmas with Toby's family we headed to my Grandma Mickey and Grandpa Jim's house for Christmas lunch/dinner with my Dad's side of the family.  After everyone had full tummies we moved on to gifts.   

Group shot! 

The Big Ol'Christmas Post - Part 4

Christmas with Mom

My mom had to have surgery on her foot so Christmas with her side of the family has been rescheduled for the 5th so check back soon to our Forth Christmas.