Saturday, December 29, 2012

November - 2012

A review of our November (because I was a blog slacker at the time). 

Girls Night
(celebrating Amber's single life coming to an end)
Is spent with Toby's family.  We eat LOTS of really yummy food, watch football (or for me plan out my Black Friday shopping spree), visit, laugh and take tons of silly pictures.

This year on Thanksgiving my very loving and thoughtful in-laws decided to have a little surprise birthday party for me on Thanksgiving (my birthday isn't until December 30th).  I got cake, balloons and a killer gift card from the group.  Needless to say they got me good, I was totally surprised!

Sick Kiddos (again)
This past Fall and start of Winter has not been good to our little family in the health department.  It feels like the kids have been sick way more than normal and the sickness keeps them down longer.  Over the last two months Ryder's tubes have fallen out (they weren't in for a full year) and he has gotten two ear infections.  We meet with the ENT and Ryder is scheduled to get another set of tubes put in and his Adenoids out on January 9th. Fingers crossed this helps our little guy.  

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