Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Big Ol'Christmas Post - Part 1

The night before, the night before Christmas....
was our Christmas Eve this year.
We decided to try something new this year so Paisley sent her letter to Santa asking for him to please come on Christmas Eve morning.
In true Christmas Eve fashion the kids were allowed to open one gift.  Normally it is a new pair of PJ's but I dropped the ball and forgot to get new PJ's so the kids were able to pick one gift.  

Paisley opened a Fijit Friend and Ryder opened a Batcave. Then the kids got ready for bed and Paisley read The Night Before Christmas (she only needed help with a few words).  
While the kids slept, Santa stopped by our house.
He left Paisley a skateboard, Ryder a fire truck and both kids a bow & arrow.
The beauty of Christmas with Santa on Christmas Eve?  The kids were able to play with all their goodies all morning, they took naps in their own beds and were able to play more while we made dinner. 

We went to the early Christmas Eve Service this year. 
Both kids enjoyed the service.  Ryder loved the music, Paisley shouted answers at the Pastor (he wasn't looking for answers but she was following along and couldn't help herself) and Ryder shouted at everyone to "Be very careful because fire is really HOT!" during the closing song by candlelight. 
After church we had a picnic in the living and watched Shrek the Halls together. 

This was the BEST holiday ever!  We were able to slow down, enjoy our time together and with our families, re-direct our time and energy where we wanted and it was pretty much stress-free.

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