Thursday, October 10, 2013

Library Project - The Shelves

Back in this post I declared my love for libraries and after seeing this post I knew we could make it happen at our house.  After I sent the link to Toby we started to plan and save.  

Just like Thrifty Decor Chick we started with upper kitchen cabinets (6 to be exact).  Toby turned then upside down and added a base to the bottom (so we would be able to add baseboard later)     

We added three cabinets to each side of the room.  Two larger cabinets with a smaller one in the middle.  We did this to accommodate for the outlets on each wall.

After the cabinets were installed Toby added a long piece of wood to the top of all three.  Then he started in the middle building the top shelves. 

He then worked his way out.  The two middle shelves are bigger than the outside shelves to accommodate for the vent.  We made the shelf sections out in the garage then brought them in and attached them.

After all of the building was done we added crown, base and trim to made it look a little more finished.

Then we started the hardest most time consuming part.  We primed and painted everything!  It took FOREVER!!!  Due to our lack of a step-stool we used our dining room chairs and broke one in the process.  Oops! 

After everything was dry we added the doors back on to the cabinets.  
Finished bookshelf on the right wall (Ryder's side)

Finished bookshelf on the left wall (Paisley's side)

Then I went to town filling the shelves with books, pictures and pretties.  For now we are using the bottom part for storage of DVD's and games.  But one day when the basement is finished I hope the DVD's will be moved down there and we can store more of the kids books and maybe some holiday decor for the shelves.

Finished bookshelf on the right wall (Ryder's side) with all my pretties.

Finished bookshelf on the left wall (Paisley's side) with all my pretties.

Bottom storage.

I couldn't be more happy with how they turned out!  This is one of my most favorite rooms in the house!  

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Library Project: Sofa Table

In the library, on the wall by the bathroom, I wanted I long skinny sofa table to I could put a lamp and a few other pretties out.  I have had my eye on a few but they were WAY more than I wanted to pay.  So I waited and waited and waited.  Then, just last week this table base was give to us for free.  So, I took it home to Toby to make a top.

He grabbed some wood from the farm (for free) and we started to make a plan.  We laid out the boards they way we wanted them then Toby went to work measuring, cutting and nailing all the pieces together.  I made myself useful by taking pictures and holding things.  Very important job! 
Then I got promoted to sanding down the table top.  We couldn't decide if we wanted to stain it dark or just put a clear coat sealer. 
So, we brought the table into the house to see how it looked. 
We kind of liked the look of the light wood so I added a few pretties to the table to make sure it would make the cut and it did!  This pretty little table has earned a spot at the Vincent house.  The best part of this project, everything was FREE!!
(P.S. We will add the clear coat this weekend to officially complete the project) 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Library

With what is left of this week I am going to show you how we took this empty/open area in between the kid's bedrooms and turned it into what we are call our Library.  

Library Before
Looking into the room from the hallway on Paisley's side.  
The wall on the right is the wall that butts up to Ryder's room.    

Library Before
Looking into the room from the hallway on Ryder's side.  
The wall on the left is the wall that butts up to Paisley's room.

Library After
Looking into the room from the hallway on Paisley's side.  
The wall on the right is the wall that butts up to Ryder's room.
(I didn't take a picture from the other direction but we do have shelves on both walls)  

Blank Wall:  Mid-Project
In the room with the window at my back looking a blank wall. 
(I took a picture of the blank wall but deleted it because it just looked weird)     
This wall butts up to the main bathroom.

Blank Wall:  After
Toby didn't like the gallery wall so for now we are going with this clean look.   

Now all that is left on the wish list for this room is:
*Paint the walls
*Get cute table for in between the two chairs
*Maybe replace the metal mini blinds with wooden blinds 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Calling all Moms/Teacher Friends

Paisley is having a little bit of trouble and I am at my wits end with her so I am asking the village for help in this matter!

She gets a behavioral report sent home every Friday then at the quarter it is averaged out for the report card.  We have seen a decline on this report each week because of her talking.  Her grades are still great but the talking is at an all time high.  She has been grounded, had privileges taken away, spanked, we have tried a scare tactic - where we explain why listening (and knowing when to stop talking) is a good skill to have in an emergency situation, we have tried a guilt trip – where we explain how her talking might cause one of her friends to get in trouble, we have tried rewarding the good stuff – where she earns back toys for doing well.  The problem is she just doesn’t care.  She doesn’t like getting into trouble and cries when she is reprimanded but she doesn’t change her behavior.  She is a good girl with a big heart but for some reason she doesn't think talking is that big of a deal. 

Examples of disciplinary fails:
Swim Lessons
Me: Paisley, if you get another bad report this week you will not be able to sign up for swim lessons.
Paisley: You know mom, if I don’t get to do swim lessons then I can play on your phone while Ryder is in his swim lesson. 

Class Party
Me: Paisley, make sure you are being a good helper in class so you earn enough points to get to go to your class party.
Paisley: It’s ok mom.  If I miss the party I go to a different class and do worksheets.  I like doing homework and worksheets are like homework.  So if you think about it not going to the party will only make me smarter.

Birthday Party
Me: Paisley, I really hope you get a good report this week so we can go to your cousin’s birthday party this weekend.
Paisley: Mom, I’m getting a little nervous about the report.  I’m not saying I was bad.  I just want to know what my options are of I don’t go to the birthday party if maybe there was a little disagreement this week.  
Paisley: Wait, you know what?  I have 6 cousins. Well, if I miss one birthday party I will still have 5 more to get to go to and we will be seeing everyone for the holidays pretty soon so I guess it wouldn’t be that bad if I didn’t get to go. 

Talking in Class
Me: Paisley, why are you talking so much in class?
Paisley: Sometimes I talk just because it is fun and other times I talk because I am so board.  We are still reviewing 1st grade stuff I already know that stuff.
Me: What about horsing around and talking in line?
Paisley: I just like to make my friends laugh, that's all.  

Her thought process and reasoning is DRIVING. ME. NUTS!  So if any of you fellow moms or teachers have ideas or suggestions of something that has worked for you, I am all ears.  

Side note: We have Parent Teacher Conferences scheduled later this month so maybe we can come up with a game plan to help Paisley with her talking.  But to be honest I would much rather her get into trouble for talk than being mean to other kids but as the parent I need to support the teacher and try to get the talking under control.      

Thursday, October 3, 2013

This Time Next Year

 Yesterday (October 2nd) was our 9 year wedding anniversary.  We celebrated by going out the lunch.  Toby had flowers sent to me at work and we got a new mattress and bedding.  (Not to shabby for an anniversary celebration!)
P.S. This is an OLD picture taken after he first put a ring on it.  :o)

The discussion we are having now is about how we want to celebrate next year.  I mean, 10 years is a pretty big deal.  Toby's vote is for an all inclusive beach trip somewhere warm.  

My vote is to go to Ireland.  I have always wanted to go and we wanted to go for our honeymoon but decided to buy our first house instead.  

The main goal is for us to get away (without the kids) and spent time together so either choice will be nice.  Check back next year to see what we choose.  

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pinterest Project - Back Door

We have a cheap mini-blind problem in our house.  They are on EVERY window and a few of the doors in our house.  This is something we are slowing trying to change up.  The blinds that are on the doors I especially HATE because they are always moving around and getting in the way.  After a year of living with them I am finally doing something to change them.  Over the past year I have pinned a few different ideas/options on how to replace the blinds but still give us privacy.

About a month ago I was at Dollar Tree and saw they had clear contact paper so I grabbed about six rolls.  Hi, my name is Sarah and I have a contact paper addiction.  For real!  I kind of LOVE it a lot.  You never know when you will need it or what it will be needed for but it is always nice to have on hand (and at a dollar a roll, why not).  When I got home I added it to my craft stuff and forgot about it.  Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I decided to down size my craft supplies and donate the extra stuff to the kid’s day-cares. When I came across my stash of contact paper I remember a pin I found (here and hereabout using it to cover the glass on a door (insert light bulb moment).  So, that night after the kids went to bed I gathered the supplies needed.  I unrolled the contact paper and put heavy books on it so it would stop trying to roll up on me while I was tracing on it. 

I didn’t discuss this little project with Toby because I didn’t want him to shoot the idea down so I decided to start with a smaller area, let him see it then decide if we like it enough to do the doors.  I removed the yucky mini blinds in the laundry room and got started.  I followed these instructions and think it turned out pretty good.  
Laundry Room: Progress

Laundry Room: DONE!

I got the green light from the Toby to move forward with the doors.  I repeated the same process for the door as I did for the window.  One door down and one to go.  Ding Dong the mini blinds are (almost all) GONE!! 
Back Door/Wall: Before

Back Door: Prep 
(Hello Oscar)

Back Door: Progress

Back Door: DONE!

The view from the outside looking in at night will all of the lights on in the house.  

Back Door/Wall: After 
(Paisley eating her dinner & Ryder not eating his) 

Thursday, September 26, 2013


My first experience with IKEA was in Iceland.  I went to visit Toby while he was stationed there after we first got engaged.  One of our many outings while I was there was to visit IKEA.  As we wound our way through the store dreaming of how we would decorate our future home together IKEA secured a special place in my heart forever.

It was a sad day when I got home and found out the closest IKEA was in Chicago, Minnesota, Texas or Colorado.  Happy day (a few months ago) when I heard the news that an IKEA was coming to town fall of 2014.  YAY!!!

Ok, now that I have confessed my undying love for all things IKEA (and no they did not pay me to say that) I will get to the point of why I bring them up now. 
In August we took a little family vacation to Colorado and stopped at the IKEA in Denver.  Our car was already loaded down with stuff for our trip but that didn’t stop me from going a little crazy in the store.  My loot from the shopping trip: storage containers to organize my pantry (pause for another happy dance) but the real treasure of the trip were curtains we found for our bedroom.  The package of curtains included 2 panels, 124in long for $35.00.  SCORE!!  (Insert happy dance with a little booty shaking in the store)  These curtains were half the price of everything I was finding, hints the booty shaking.    

Now that you have suffered through a long (and unnecessary) back story I introduce our new curtains:
Master Bed Room BEFORE Curtains
Master Bed Room AFTER Curtains

I think they soften up the room a lot and make it feel much cozier.  And it’s weird but sometimes when I walk into the room I think the curtains make the walls feel even taller than they are but other times I think they make the room feel smaller.  But regardless of making the room feel tall or small, I like the look.  Next up on the list for our room: paint and make a headboard.            

Another place that is benefiting from our IKEA curtains is the sitting room, which is now empty but will one day become a dinning room.               
Sitting Room BEFORE Curtains

Sitting/One Day Dining Room AFTER Curtains
My vision of what I would like the Dining Room to look like one day. 
Love her house!  I kind of want to move in or be adopted or both!    

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Girl

She surprises me every day!  
The conversations we have, the things she asks about and the big words she uses when describing things Where did the time go?  When did she get so big?  

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Silly Boy

This little guy keeps us on our toes!  
NEVER a dull moment with him around.  

Monday, September 23, 2013

It’s Fall Y’all!

And this girl is one happy camper!  
I celebrated the first official day of fall with the windows open and the cool fresh air blowing while I put out all of my Fall/Halloween pretties.

The Vincent house is ready for a fun fall!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Walk MS

What if we could connect every person living with MS? Every person who cares about someone with MS. Every family affected by it. Everyone who has seen what this disease can do to people. What if we could come together, even one day a year, to show the power of our connections? At Walk MS, our connections become more powerful than the connections MS destroys.

MS can affect a person’s health in hundreds of ways. Currently there are eight disease modifying treatments available. However, there are more promising therapies in development right now than at any other time in history. While we have made astounding progress, our ultimate goal is to find treatments that not only modify the disease, but stop it in its tracks. Help me support the next generation of treatments.

It's National Fundraising Week and Walk MS fundraising helps people living with MS, just like my "Other Momma" Donna. The money we raise funds new treatments and ensures financial support for people dealing with the havoc MS causes.  The kids and I will be doing the MS 5K this year on April 27 out at Legends.  Come join us, cheer us on and/or donate to our team!    

Team Sarah:  Team Sarah

Team Paisley:  Team Paisley

Team Ryder:  Team Ryder

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Artist

Last night at Paisley’s swim lesson we discovered a new skill of Ryder’s.  After being at the pool for all of about 1 minute we realized that Ryder had left his toy car in my car.  We are working on learning responsibilities and being accountable for your own things so I wasn’t going to run back out to the car to get the forgotten toy.  Yes, I know that he is 2 (almost 3) and yes it might make me a mean mom but frankly I am sick of having to take care of and remember everyone else’s stuff.  So, before Ryder can throw a fit I offer him the only “toy” I have in my purse, a small notebook and pen.  He sat down and quietly started drawing.  He scribbled on a lot of the pages then he stood up and showed me this one.  He said “Look mommy I made a Froggy.” 

It does kind of look like a frog. 

Then he wanted to sit on my lap to draw. So I helped guide him on the fine art of drawing a stick person and as the person started to take shape before his eyes he was excited and wanted to try all by himself.  First he made a picture of himself (See his spiky hair?)

Then he made a picture of a baby and when he was finished he jumped off my lap and ran over to the lady sitting a few chairs down from us (with a baby in her lap) and says “Look, I drew you baby.  See I made this and it you baby.” 

I am very impressed with this new found talent of his!   

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Fun - Guess Who

I want to keep riding this blogging wave that I am on but want to change it up a bit. So today let’s have a little fun and play a game. I have gathered some photos of my little family of four and would like to challenge you to a game of Guess Who. How many can you get correct (without cheating)?

Ready, Set, GO!!!

Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Photo E

Photo F

Photo G

Photo H

Photo I

Photo J

Photo K

Photo L

Photo M

Photo N

Photo O

Photo P

Photo Q

Photo R

Photo S

Photo T

Photo U

Photo V

Photo W

Photo X

Photo Y

Photo Z

Photo ZZ

A-Ryder, B-Paisley, C-Paisley, D-Ryder, E-Ryder, F-Paisleyr, G-Paisley, H-Ryder, I-Paisley, J-Toby, K-Toby, L-Paisley, M-Ryder, N-Toby, O-Toby, P-Ryder, Q-Toby, R-Ryder, S-Sarah, T-Paisley, U-Sarah, V-Paisley, W-Sarah, X-Ryder, Y-Sarah, Z-Paisley, ZZ-Ryder

So, how did you do?