Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Artist

Last night at Paisley’s swim lesson we discovered a new skill of Ryder’s.  After being at the pool for all of about 1 minute we realized that Ryder had left his toy car in my car.  We are working on learning responsibilities and being accountable for your own things so I wasn’t going to run back out to the car to get the forgotten toy.  Yes, I know that he is 2 (almost 3) and yes it might make me a mean mom but frankly I am sick of having to take care of and remember everyone else’s stuff.  So, before Ryder can throw a fit I offer him the only “toy” I have in my purse, a small notebook and pen.  He sat down and quietly started drawing.  He scribbled on a lot of the pages then he stood up and showed me this one.  He said “Look mommy I made a Froggy.” 

It does kind of look like a frog. 

Then he wanted to sit on my lap to draw. So I helped guide him on the fine art of drawing a stick person and as the person started to take shape before his eyes he was excited and wanted to try all by himself.  First he made a picture of himself (See his spiky hair?)

Then he made a picture of a baby and when he was finished he jumped off my lap and ran over to the lady sitting a few chairs down from us (with a baby in her lap) and says “Look, I drew you baby.  See I made this and it you baby.” 

I am very impressed with this new found talent of his!   

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Fun - Guess Who

I want to keep riding this blogging wave that I am on but want to change it up a bit. So today let’s have a little fun and play a game. I have gathered some photos of my little family of four and would like to challenge you to a game of Guess Who. How many can you get correct (without cheating)?

Ready, Set, GO!!!

Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Photo E

Photo F

Photo G

Photo H

Photo I

Photo J

Photo K

Photo L

Photo M

Photo N

Photo O

Photo P

Photo Q

Photo R

Photo S

Photo T

Photo U

Photo V

Photo W

Photo X

Photo Y

Photo Z

Photo ZZ

A-Ryder, B-Paisley, C-Paisley, D-Ryder, E-Ryder, F-Paisleyr, G-Paisley, H-Ryder, I-Paisley, J-Toby, K-Toby, L-Paisley, M-Ryder, N-Toby, O-Toby, P-Ryder, Q-Toby, R-Ryder, S-Sarah, T-Paisley, U-Sarah, V-Paisley, W-Sarah, X-Ryder, Y-Sarah, Z-Paisley, ZZ-Ryder

So, how did you do?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Birthday Bash

On January 20th Paisley celebrated her 7th birthday a little different than in the past. This was the first year she didn’t wake up in her own bed on her birthday by Toby & I singing to her. She had a sleepover at my mom’s house with her older cousins and she had a BLAST!! After we picked her up that afternoon we went to lunch of her choice at Chuck E Cheese.

She was even able to go into the Ticket Blaster and that is kind of a big deal on your birthday (who knew?). 

After lunch we headed home for more birthday fun.  She had balloons all over her room, gifts that family had sent and a new desk.
She was pretty surprised and super excited! 

Then it was time for one of Toby’s famous cakes.  This year Paisley wanted a tie dyed peace sign cake with a guitar and soccer ball on it but the cake had other plans (with the bottom of the fridge and floor – cake fail!).  So Toby & Paisley ran to Wal-mart so she could pick out something she liked.

Happy Birthday to my Paisley Pie!!      

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Happy House Tour

For the past 8 months we have been very busy trying to make our new house feel like it is ours. We have made progress but still have a lot more to do. And that is fine with us because we LOVE house projects. So, without further ado welcome to our happy home, the tour.

(Most of the before pictures are the listing pictures so they aren’t really true to what was here when we moved in. The entire house had been repaint tan and the carpet had been replaced but in our hurry to move in and unpack I didn’t take very many pictures.)

Kitchen - Before
 Kitchen - After 
Kitchen Wish List: Replace appliances with stainless steel, update countertops, update backsplash, and paint the cabinets white.

 Dinning Room - Before
Dinning Room -After
Dinning Room Wish List: Do something with the big window behind the table, do something with the window on the back door, and add a fun center piece/tablescape.

Living Room - Before
Living Room - After
Living Room Wish List: This room is done (for now).  I am pretty happy with how it came together.
Master Bedroom - Before
Master Bedroom - After
Master Bedroom Wish List: Headboard, window treatments, paint, maybe new bedding and new art work for the walls.

Paisley's Room

Ryder's Room
Both Paisley's and Ryder's rooms are a bit of a moving target.  I like to rearrange/reorganize often to maximize space and accommodate new furniture/toys that may find their way into our house.     

Current Project: Bookshelves (kind of like the one Toby made at the Topeka house) 
We have an empty area in between the kid’s bedrooms that we are turning into a library so the plan is to have two walls of shelves for books and collectibles, a comfy place to read and a gallery wall (pictures coming soon).  I am sooo excited for this project to be done!!!  I can’t wait to start enjoying that room.