Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Punta Cana

Let me start by saying that I have an AMAZING Husband!!! Due to finances and schedules “Our” trip to the Dominican Republic for Amber’s wedding turned into “My” trip. That’s right, I had 6 whole days at a very nice resort in Punta Cana while he stayed home with the kids. It was pure HEAVEN!!! I was able to rest, relax and enjoy myself while I was away because I knew that things at home were just fine (and thanks to Face Time I was able to SEE them every night, so I had proof that all was ok).

The day we left was hard because that same morning Ryder was getting tubes put back in his ears and his adenoids removed. I was one worried momma until I saw this picture on my phone. It said everything I needed to know, my baby was fine!

After I knew he was ok, it was time to get the party start, pronto!

Saturday night was the wedding on the beach.  For anyone out there that is going to get married, a destination wedding is the way to go!  The best parts about a beach wedding…our toes were in the sand, the waves were crashing in the background behind us and it just felt magical.  The funny/bad part about a beach wedding…being photo/video bombed by random people walking on the beach.  

Bright and early Sunday morning I went with Matt and Amber to a private beach for “Trash the Dress” pictures.  We spray painted her dress and then got in the ocean and it was soooo much fun!! 

Random pictures (just because they were fun).    

One of my souvenirs from our trip, a broken toe.
 While we were taking the “Trash the Dress” pictures I broke my pinky toe on Amber's heel while we were walking (and no, I had not been drinking I am just really talented).  We left the resort on Monday and I went to my doctor on Tuesday morning.  An X-ray confirmed that it was a clean break in two places (my toe & my foot) so I got to sport a really cool boot for 8 weeks.

Good Times!!


Chris Scott said...

Wow what a trash the dress session.

Beautiful dress (was) well and truly put through its paces.

How much did the dress cost?

And is there anymore pics or a video of the session i can view.

Great work!!

Chris in England

Vincent Family said...


She got her dress at David's Bridal but it has been discontinued and is no longer on the website (and I don’t know what the cost was, sorry). The photographer was so fun to work with! I attached a link of the video he made with more trash the dress pictures.