Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Artist

Last night at Paisley’s swim lesson we discovered a new skill of Ryder’s.  After being at the pool for all of about 1 minute we realized that Ryder had left his toy car in my car.  We are working on learning responsibilities and being accountable for your own things so I wasn’t going to run back out to the car to get the forgotten toy.  Yes, I know that he is 2 (almost 3) and yes it might make me a mean mom but frankly I am sick of having to take care of and remember everyone else’s stuff.  So, before Ryder can throw a fit I offer him the only “toy” I have in my purse, a small notebook and pen.  He sat down and quietly started drawing.  He scribbled on a lot of the pages then he stood up and showed me this one.  He said “Look mommy I made a Froggy.” 

It does kind of look like a frog. 

Then he wanted to sit on my lap to draw. So I helped guide him on the fine art of drawing a stick person and as the person started to take shape before his eyes he was excited and wanted to try all by himself.  First he made a picture of himself (See his spiky hair?)

Then he made a picture of a baby and when he was finished he jumped off my lap and ran over to the lady sitting a few chairs down from us (with a baby in her lap) and says “Look, I drew you baby.  See I made this and it you baby.” 

I am very impressed with this new found talent of his!   

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