Thursday, April 4, 2013

Walk MS

What if we could connect every person living with MS? Every person who cares about someone with MS. Every family affected by it. Everyone who has seen what this disease can do to people. What if we could come together, even one day a year, to show the power of our connections? At Walk MS, our connections become more powerful than the connections MS destroys.

MS can affect a person’s health in hundreds of ways. Currently there are eight disease modifying treatments available. However, there are more promising therapies in development right now than at any other time in history. While we have made astounding progress, our ultimate goal is to find treatments that not only modify the disease, but stop it in its tracks. Help me support the next generation of treatments.

It's National Fundraising Week and Walk MS fundraising helps people living with MS, just like my "Other Momma" Donna. The money we raise funds new treatments and ensures financial support for people dealing with the havoc MS causes.  The kids and I will be doing the MS 5K this year on April 27 out at Legends.  Come join us, cheer us on and/or donate to our team!    

Team Sarah:  Team Sarah

Team Paisley:  Team Paisley

Team Ryder:  Team Ryder


Lee Gunnell said...

A good friend of my brothers suffers from MS, and is only 35. I commend you and anyone for raising awareness to such an awful illness.

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