Thursday, September 26, 2013


My first experience with IKEA was in Iceland.  I went to visit Toby while he was stationed there after we first got engaged.  One of our many outings while I was there was to visit IKEA.  As we wound our way through the store dreaming of how we would decorate our future home together IKEA secured a special place in my heart forever.

It was a sad day when I got home and found out the closest IKEA was in Chicago, Minnesota, Texas or Colorado.  Happy day (a few months ago) when I heard the news that an IKEA was coming to town fall of 2014.  YAY!!!

Ok, now that I have confessed my undying love for all things IKEA (and no they did not pay me to say that) I will get to the point of why I bring them up now. 
In August we took a little family vacation to Colorado and stopped at the IKEA in Denver.  Our car was already loaded down with stuff for our trip but that didn’t stop me from going a little crazy in the store.  My loot from the shopping trip: storage containers to organize my pantry (pause for another happy dance) but the real treasure of the trip were curtains we found for our bedroom.  The package of curtains included 2 panels, 124in long for $35.00.  SCORE!!  (Insert happy dance with a little booty shaking in the store)  These curtains were half the price of everything I was finding, hints the booty shaking.    

Now that you have suffered through a long (and unnecessary) back story I introduce our new curtains:
Master Bed Room BEFORE Curtains
Master Bed Room AFTER Curtains

I think they soften up the room a lot and make it feel much cozier.  And it’s weird but sometimes when I walk into the room I think the curtains make the walls feel even taller than they are but other times I think they make the room feel smaller.  But regardless of making the room feel tall or small, I like the look.  Next up on the list for our room: paint and make a headboard.            

Another place that is benefiting from our IKEA curtains is the sitting room, which is now empty but will one day become a dinning room.               
Sitting Room BEFORE Curtains

Sitting/One Day Dining Room AFTER Curtains
My vision of what I would like the Dining Room to look like one day. 
Love her house!  I kind of want to move in or be adopted or both!    


starnes family said...

That room is darling. We have an IKEA here and I haven't even been!

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