Thursday, October 10, 2013

Library Project - The Shelves

Back in this post I declared my love for libraries and after seeing this post I knew we could make it happen at our house.  After I sent the link to Toby we started to plan and save.  

Just like Thrifty Decor Chick we started with upper kitchen cabinets (6 to be exact).  Toby turned then upside down and added a base to the bottom (so we would be able to add baseboard later)     

We added three cabinets to each side of the room.  Two larger cabinets with a smaller one in the middle.  We did this to accommodate for the outlets on each wall.

After the cabinets were installed Toby added a long piece of wood to the top of all three.  Then he started in the middle building the top shelves. 

He then worked his way out.  The two middle shelves are bigger than the outside shelves to accommodate for the vent.  We made the shelf sections out in the garage then brought them in and attached them.

After all of the building was done we added crown, base and trim to made it look a little more finished.

Then we started the hardest most time consuming part.  We primed and painted everything!  It took FOREVER!!!  Due to our lack of a step-stool we used our dining room chairs and broke one in the process.  Oops! 

After everything was dry we added the doors back on to the cabinets.  
Finished bookshelf on the right wall (Ryder's side)

Finished bookshelf on the left wall (Paisley's side)

Then I went to town filling the shelves with books, pictures and pretties.  For now we are using the bottom part for storage of DVD's and games.  But one day when the basement is finished I hope the DVD's will be moved down there and we can store more of the kids books and maybe some holiday decor for the shelves.

Finished bookshelf on the right wall (Ryder's side) with all my pretties.

Finished bookshelf on the left wall (Paisley's side) with all my pretties.

Bottom storage.

I couldn't be more happy with how they turned out!  This is one of my most favorite rooms in the house!