Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pinterest Project - Back Door

We have a cheap mini-blind problem in our house.  They are on EVERY window and a few of the doors in our house.  This is something we are slowing trying to change up.  The blinds that are on the doors I especially HATE because they are always moving around and getting in the way.  After a year of living with them I am finally doing something to change them.  Over the past year I have pinned a few different ideas/options on how to replace the blinds but still give us privacy.

About a month ago I was at Dollar Tree and saw they had clear contact paper so I grabbed about six rolls.  Hi, my name is Sarah and I have a contact paper addiction.  For real!  I kind of LOVE it a lot.  You never know when you will need it or what it will be needed for but it is always nice to have on hand (and at a dollar a roll, why not).  When I got home I added it to my craft stuff and forgot about it.  Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I decided to down size my craft supplies and donate the extra stuff to the kid’s day-cares. When I came across my stash of contact paper I remember a pin I found (here and hereabout using it to cover the glass on a door (insert light bulb moment).  So, that night after the kids went to bed I gathered the supplies needed.  I unrolled the contact paper and put heavy books on it so it would stop trying to roll up on me while I was tracing on it. 

I didn’t discuss this little project with Toby because I didn’t want him to shoot the idea down so I decided to start with a smaller area, let him see it then decide if we like it enough to do the doors.  I removed the yucky mini blinds in the laundry room and got started.  I followed these instructions and think it turned out pretty good.  
Laundry Room: Progress

Laundry Room: DONE!

I got the green light from the Toby to move forward with the doors.  I repeated the same process for the door as I did for the window.  One door down and one to go.  Ding Dong the mini blinds are (almost all) GONE!! 
Back Door/Wall: Before

Back Door: Prep 
(Hello Oscar)

Back Door: Progress

Back Door: DONE!

The view from the outside looking in at night will all of the lights on in the house.  

Back Door/Wall: After 
(Paisley eating her dinner & Ryder not eating his) 


starnes family said...

This looks SO good. Well done. Hi, Oscar!

Stephanie said...

Does it block out much of the light during the day? That's the problem we've got with our back door as well and would LOVE a solution! Too sunny sometimes!

Vincent Family said...

It cuts down on some of the light in the afternoon but for us we are seeing more light now that we don't have the blinds up.

If you are free one afternoon stop by and see if you think it would work at your house. :o)