Monday, January 13, 2014

Oh What a Weekend

Over the weekend the temperature got up to a steamy 61 degrees here in good old Kansas City.  Unfortunately the Vincent house hold did not get to go out to enjoy the weather because Ryder was down with another ear infection (and this time it also brought on a fever and a lot of tears).  We did however open the windows to air out the house and ran the diffuser with thieves essential oils to help get rid of the germs.  We also slowed down this weekend and shut out the outside world.  We stayed home, stayed in our PJs, we cuddled and watched movies, we played games, read books and enjoyed each other.  Minus the sickness our weekend was very nice and relaxing! 


starnes family said...

Nice to hear yall may be healing. LOVE essential oils!!!!!

RETA said...

You made the best of the situation - and time spent together like that will never be forgotten. I hope you have a healthier new year!


Arielle Geiwitz said...

I have read a good bit of your blog,
Beautiful, is all I truly have to say. I am inspired to write much about my future family!

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